How to Find Profitable Ideas for Everything in Online Business

Now I want to talk about how to be more profitable with specific business models in online business. I’m going to discuss info products, niche websites, physical products, Kindle books, and services, though you can apply these ideas to just about anything.

Don’t focus on business models that aren’t in line with what you’re already doing. There are so many different business models out there – all you need to do is find profitable ideas that suit the business models you’re already using.

For instance, if you have no desire to sell books on Kindle, then you don’t have to worry about that section. If you sell physical products and not info products, then don’t worry about the info product section. Pick and choose what’s most applicable to you. But you never know what’s going to spark that million-dollar idea for you, so you want to be on the lookout and be open to new ideas and looking at old ideas in a new way.

You’ll notice that with each of the business models, I want you to find out what your audience wants. That’s something we’ve already talked in depth about. But I’m going to go into it more specifically based on specific business models.

You need to analyze your exact platform and business model. The needs of those who are going to buy an info product may be different from the needs of someone who’s going to buy a physical product. You have to know your audience and you have to know your platform. That’s why it’s so important to have a true understanding of your market, your audience, what’s expected, how you can break away from what’s expected in a profitable way, and your own style of business.

I can’t say it enough – you need to follow the clues of success. At the same time, you need to be yourself. You need to find a unique angle for everything you do. Why should someone buy from you? What are you going to provide to the market that’s not already out there?

The profitable idea won’t be profitable for you if it’s simply a copycat of something that’s already on the market. It will be profitable for you if it has unique qualities and satisfies the people of your niche in a way that nothing on the market currently can.

For info products, you’re going to combine and find hot trends-- that you already know and excel at. You’re going to build on what already works in the digital marketplace.

With niche websites and affiliate marketing, you’re going to start with topics that have the highest chances of being profitable for you. You’re going to set yourself up for success by testing certain niches and really scaling up your winners.

With physical products, you’re going to think about not only what’s going to be profitable, but what’s going to be easy to acquire and manage for you at this point in your business. You’re going to follow the money in a way that you can scale up.

For Kindle books, you’re going to make use of the helpful tools Amazon puts out there, including the Kindle bestseller lists.

With services, you’re going to figure out your strengths and what you can uniquely offer that businesses and others will readily pay for.

With all of these ideas, you’re not only going to determine a profitable angle, you’re also going to follow through. That’s something I hope to help inspire you to do, since it’s one of the biggest problems in marketing. There are so many opportunities open to all of us these days that it’s easy to follow those bright shiny objects even when we were originally so excited about one profitable idea or another. Follow through on those profitable ideas and you’ll be on the path to success.

After all, it’s much better to be a dominant authority in one specific area that you can brand yourself and be known for, than a little good at a lot of things.

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