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How to Earn $500 a Month by Building an Email List

Building an email list is one of the smartest things you can do as an online marketer. In fact, you should be building an email list for just about anything you do online. However, you can also focus on this as its own business model and income stream.

Why build an email list? Consider the email lists you are on for other marketers or companies. You receive helpful information, motivation, and product promotions by being on those lists. You joined those lists for one reason or another. Often, it was to get something for free or because you purchased something from that business. Now, you’re going to be on the other end of things and add (at least) an extra $500 a month to your pocket.

You should build an email list so you can take advantage of everything they have to offer to your business. People buy from those they know, like, and trust. It can be very difficult to make money “cold.” If people don’t know you, they are not likely to buy from you—that’s why certain methods of making money online are so difficult. However, if people are on your email list they can really get to know you and they will be a lot more likely to buy from you.

Once people are on your email list you can sell to them over and over again. You can really make a name for yourself in whichever niche you have chosen. With your list, you are going to share helpful information, build relationships, consider creating and selling your own products, and promote products as an affiliate.

The great news is that you can earn with your email list on autopilot. You can set up list building funnels that work for you, day and night. You can set up autoresponder emails that go out at a set time, no matter when someone signs up to your email list. You can take advantage of the autopilot nature of your email list as well as keep up with your list in real time, via broadcast emails. It’s an amazing way to add income to your bottom line every month.

The Steps You Need to Take to Build an Email List

There are some important steps you need to take to successfully build an email list and profit from it. I hope you’re getting really excited about this method, because it is one of the most valuable business models online.

Choose a Niche for Your Email List

One of the most important things you can do is choose a good niche to build your email list in. You want to choose a niche where people really care or are passionate and desperate for something. You don’t want to choose a niche that people aren’t very motivated by. If you want something surefire, choose to focus on a problem people have that they are desperate to solve and that they spend a lot of money on.

One example is the make money online niche. Indeed, the product you’re reading right now is in the make money online niche. Your problem is that you are desperate to earn more money. This guide satisfies that problem—it gives you a great, enticing solution. It goes hand in hand with the quality you get by being on my email list. Those who are on my email list receive help and advice every day, and they love that. The make money online niche is very profitable, in case you’re wondering.

However, it’s certainly not the only niche out there. Weight loss, parenting, dating, investing, and many other niches are also extremely popular. Figure out what you want to target and what you have to offer to the people of that niche. Ideally, you will choose something that you are already familiar with and interested in. It helps if you already maintain an interest in that niche and so you don’t have to do a lot of research.

Sign up for an Autoresponder Account

You will, of course, need to sign up for an autoresponder account so you can maintain your email list. I recommend aWeber – it is relatively low in price every month and is very full-featured.

Your autoresponder company (such as aWeber) is going to give you opt in forms you can put on your website, which allow people to sign up for your list. Opt in forms are the boxes that ask for people’s name and email address. Your autoresponder company will also maintain your lists for you and store your autoresponder emails, as well as allow you to send out broadcast emails.

Research Your Niche Further

You’ve chosen your niche, but you need to figure out what your “niche within your niche” is going to be. What is it about you that is going to make people want to listen to you? What do you bring to the table? You can make a lot of headway, very quickly, if you find a specific and smaller part of the larger niche that you can tackle. For example, maybe you want to focus on helping small business owners with their mindset. This is a smaller sub-niche of the entire “small business” niche.

Plan Your Funnel

Your overall goal will be to funnel traffic to your opt in forms so people sign up for your list. It can be very helpful to get an overall view of what your funnel will consist of, before you get started. You’ll be driving traffic to an opt-in form. People will sign up through this form because they want something you are giving them.

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