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How to Earn $500 a Month As a Kindle Author

Amazon Kindle is a wonderful opportunity for anyone who wants to make an extra $500 per month.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve ever considered yourself to be an author or not, there is a chance for you to do extremely well with Kindle. It’s all about choosing a profitable genre, writing a book that is enjoyable for the audience, optimizing your book well, working on driving traffic to it, and using your book as a list builder.

You can write fiction or nonfiction—there’s so much flexibility, which can be a lot of fun. Once you really get your book going and selling on Amazon, Amazon’s algorithms can take over, allowing you to take advantage of this enormous and very popular website as they market your book for you.

What Are You Going to Write?

The first thing you have to decide is what you’re going to write. You’re going to do some research into different genres, but you have to have a main idea first. If you have absolutely no idea, go ahead and browse the Kindle categories on Amazon until something strikes your fancy.

Otherwise, consider writing what you do best. If you have any experience writing fiction, or you would like to start, go ahead and choose fiction. However, many people find that it’s easier to start out with nonfiction. It doesn’t matter what you choose at this point, just as long as you think you will enjoy writing it and making money in it.

Set a Goal of Earnings per Book

A big part of the strategy to earn $500 a month on Kindle is to publish a lot of books. You are not going to be able to earn $500 right out of the gate with a single book… Unless you’re really, really lucky. You will have to publish several books before you can earn substantially on Kindle.

It’s time to break it down. If your goal is to earn an extra $500 per month, how much will each book need to earn per month? Maybe you want to play it safe and say that your eventual goal is for each book to bring in $100 per month. Plan to publish books and just keep on going until you reach your goal. Be warned that it can take a few months for your books to take off. But when they do, the wait will be well worth it.

Write a High Quality Book

You have to start somewhere. Even though your goal is to write several books, you have to start with one. Your book is probably not going to sell well if your book is a mess or isn’t well-written. To have a well-received, highly reviewed book, you need to write a great book. It doesn’t need to be a masterpiece or something that will be up for a Pulitzer Prize, but it has to be readable and enjoyable to that specific audience.

Optimize Your Book and Your Amazon Listing

Optimization is extremely important. Take a look at what is selling really well in your genre. What kinds of titles do they have? What kinds of covers do they have? What do they put in their description? Pay attention to these seemingly little details – because they make a huge difference.

Optimize your listing based on what you uncover about what works for your genre. You need a great title, a great cover, and everything else to come together if you want the highest chance of success. The cover is especially important – if you have a book cover, or if it doesn’t show up nicely as a thumbnail (usually how people see your book in the search pages of Amazon), it can really impact your sales.

You also want to take advantage of the front pages of your book and the back pages of your book. A major goal of yours with Kindle should be to build your list. Take a look at the list building section of this guide for additional ideas on that. Amazon Kindle can be yet another traffic strategy for you to build your list. You should also be pointing people to the other books you have published so they can go on to buy them.

The Importance of Getting Reviews

If you’ve bought a book on Kindle, then you know that you are much more likely to buy a book that has good reviews than a book without. People probably will not take a chance on a new author and a new book if you don’t have any reviews. The good news is that you can seek reviews out. Ask friends and family members to review your book. You can also contact those who have listed their email address or website within their Amazon reviewer profile. Find books that are similar to yours and go through that book’s reviewers to see if there are any you can contact. Offer them a free review copy for their honest review of your book on its Amazon page.

Drive Traffic to Your Kindle Book

It’s very important that you drive traffic to your Amazon sales page. You can create a Facebook page for your book or for yourself as an author. Get fans and get people excited. You can also pay for Facebook ads. Also, consider creating an author website where you can build a list, write blog posts, and more. Traffic is a very important part of the process and you have to dedicate some time to it.

Keep Publishing

I can’t stress enough just how important it is that you continue writing and publishing. Get more books out there – you never know which one is going to take off and when. Some of your books will do so right away – seemingly as soon as you list them.

Other books will take weeks or even months to take off even if they are optimized and you are actively driving traffic to them. But some of them will take off and those will funnel traffic to your other books. Keep publishing and keep figuring out what your audience wants and needs. You’ll soon discover that all you need to earn $500 a month on Kindle is a little elbow grease and to pay attention to how you should optimize.

Build Your List

I’ve already mentioned that you should give something away for free to your readers within your book. Direct them to your website where you have an opt in form where they can sign up to get something for free – such as a few chapters of your book, a free book, or whatever you think they would be interested in.

Take every opportunity to build your list and it will be easy for you to get more sales on Kindle. All you have to do is email your list every time you release a new book and you will get sales. Make this a focus of your Kindle business and you’ll find it fairly easy to get to $500 a month.

Choose a Profitable Niche

Now, you have to dig deeper to find a genre that will be profitable for you. Just because you’re interested in novels about puppies doesn’t mean other people are. You want to find what’s already selling well and create your own book within that specific topic.

The great thing is that Amazon makes their categories and subcategories available to search through. You can browse through these different categories and subcategories until you find something that interests you. After you’ve found a subcategory that interests you, take a look at the top 10 books that are selling within that subcategory. If the top books in that sub-category are ranking under 20,000 on Amazon, the chances are good that it’s a profitable genre. The lower the sales rank on Amazon, the better.


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