Earn $500 a Month Creating Digital Products

Becoming an info product creator is a great way to earn $500 per month online. Ebooks, like the one you’re reading right now, are the most common type of digital product. This isn’t that intimidating, right? You certainly could create one just like it on a different topic.

People buy ebooks and other digital products to solve problems they have. As the product creator, you can build a list and really stand out in your market with creative products that help change people’s lives.

It’s really not that difficult to create your own digital products. Really, all you need is word processing software and the ability to turn your document into a PDF. Then, you just have to list your new book or product in a digital marketplace where people can buy it (WarriorPlus, JVZoo, Zaxaa, and Nanacast are options). There’s more to it than that, of course, but that’s the gist of it. Product creation is fantastic because you can earn from every product for years even though you only work on them one time.

In addition to driving your own traffic to your product, you are also going to recruit affiliates. There are many affiliate marketers out there, waiting for your great product. The ones in your niche will be interested in promoting your product for you. They’ll be interested because they’ll earn a cut of the profits.

Indeed, product creation is the heart of Internet marketing. It’s how many people build a list and earn a great income online. $500 is a great starting point – but it’s just that, a starting point. You can earn an amazing full-time income as an info product creator.

Choosing Your Niche

As with anything you do online, you need to choose a great niche. You need to choose a niche that is spending money already. Find a passionate crowd that buys product after product and that thinks about the problem or passion they have day in and day out. If you can find a niche like that, and carve yourself a niche within a niche, you can be extremely successful.

What You’ll Create

I’ve mentioned that you can write ebooks. That’s probably the easiest way to get started. Your ebooks don’t have to be that long or extensive. All they have to do is fulfill the needs of those who will be reading the book. However, if you’re not a writer, you can certainly choose to create a different type of digital product. Videos, audios, e-courses, and more are very popular.

Create Your Product

After you chose your niche, take a look at what others have put out on a topic that you are interested in tackling. You can get some inspiration and figure out how you are going to fit into this niche. Then, take a look at the needs and wants of your audience – they are who matter the most, because they are the ones who are going to buy your product. Make a list of hot button topics that you should cover within your product.

Then, just go ahead and create your product. You might want to start small at first. For instance, it’s very easy to write a 5000 word ebook and put it up for sale. Start there if you are at all worried or nervous.

Marketing Your Products

After you market your product, it’s going to be very important for you to contact affiliates. Let them know when your product is launching. Affiliates are going to promote your product for a commission. Start to network with potential affiliates to make this easier. The more well-known and liked you become, the easier it is to get affiliates.

However, there’s absolutely no reason why a new marketer can’t get affiliates as well. All you have to do is ask – and don’t be afraid of hearing the word no. Sometimes people are busy or are unsure. Someone will say yes… especially if your product is outstanding.

You might also choose to contact the competition and offer them a partnership deal. They can get a large cut of the profits by working with you. You can provide the product and they can provide the leverage that an established list can bring.

Many beginning product creators start out by offering 100% commissions to affiliates, and in the beginning it seems weird to think that you could work so hard and give everything away. But there’s still huge benefit for you using this model, for example you will be capturing the names of the buyers onto your email list, so you’ll have chances in the future to earn income from those names.

Remember, if the affiliate didn’t promote your product, you would have made nothing from their efforts, and if they do, doesn’t’ it seem reasonable that you earn nothing (at first), but possibly a lot more in the future.

Build Your List

You should be building your list anyway. But since you are a product creator, you should definitely set it up so that everyone who buys your product gets added to your list. Is very easy to do when you use digital platforms like JVZoo.com. If you’re using an autoresponder service like aWeber, consult the help documents to figure out how you can get your buyers added to your list automatically.

The hard part is getting started without a list. But, you should take steps to build your list (take a look at that section within this book if you need help) right away. Build your list from all sides. Build your list by adding people who have purchased your product as well as those who are merely interested in your topic. Over time, you’ll have a great list that snaps your new products up like crazy… making it super-simple to get to $500 a month.

Creating Upsells

The real money is made with higher end products. Consider creating a higher-end course once you get started. You need something to upsell to people who just purchased your front end product. Take a look at how other marketers do this and figure out what will work for you.

Now is also the time to consider creating more products. It’s not out of the question to release a new product every month or even every week. Build up your arsenal of products so you can make sales day and night. Continue contacting potential affiliates and joint venture partners. Work on building your list and your contacts and you will find it very easy to reach the $500 a month mark by selling your own info products online.

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