The Basics of Choosing a Niche

Now that you have the background, it’s time to do the actual work of choosing a niche. It’s actually a pretty fun process. There are so many possibilities—both in the niche you choose and the amount of money you can make. You could earn life changing income from the niche you select. That’s pretty amazing, and it’s all made possible with Internet marketing.

There are several different ways you could get started. I’m going to have you start in the way I think helps avoid IM burnout. I want you to love your niche, follow through with marketing to that niche, and earn a great income from that niche.

That means starting with your passions. What do you care most about in the world? What do you spend money on and think about most often? What would you be willing to spend day after day immersed in writing about and talking about?

Sure, you want to make money with what you’re doing. But, you also have to like what you’re doing or you won’t follow through with it. Follow through is what most marketers have trouble with.

I have to caution you that just because you like something doesn’t necessarily mean it will be profitable. Some people are surprised and saddened to learn that the things they like aren’t profitable after all—it’s even worse if they learn this after they’ve spent a lot of time and energy trying to make it work.

You have to like it, but it also has to be profitable. What fits the bill for you? It’s time to think of ideas. Think of what you spend your own money and time on. Which forums do you belong to? What and who do you follow on social media? What books do you read? There are some clues hidden there. If you’re already an expert in a particular niche, you’ll have a much easier time making money in that niche because you don’t really have to research it.

The Popularity of a Niche

You also have to consider the popularity of a niche. It’s no good for you if just “some” people are spending money. You don’t want to target the smallest active niche there is, even if it would be slightly profitable for you.

You want a niche that is very popular and active. The more activity involved with that niche specifically, the better. There should be other books, products, videos, articles, social groups, forums, and so on. You want a flurry of activity.

At the same time, you don’t want this popular niche to be so general that you really can’t stand out in it. Choose a popular, specific niche that allows you to really zero in on your specific audience, eventually making sale after sale with your lifelong customers. That’s the goal.

Begin With the End in Mind

As part of the basics of niche selection, I want you to consider beginning with the end in mind.

I hinted at this earlier, but let’s go a bit more in depth now. What would you ideally create for the niche you’re considering? It’s time to think about your business model.

Maybe you’d like to write a series of Kindle books in a certain niche. Perhaps you’d like to create niche websites or blogs in a niche. Maybe you’d like to build a list and release info products in a particular niche. There are many Internet marketing business models to choose from. The thing is, you actually have to choose one.

It’s hard to choose a niche if you aren’t yet settled on your business model. That’s because certain business models are better in tune with certain niches. Something that’s popular on Kindle isn’t necessarily popular as a web info product. Or, maybe it is. You have to do your due diligence and figure that out.

You have probably purchased or seen a variety of IM business models in the past. It’s time to choose the one that resonates with you the most.

Now, allow yourself to imagine and dream. If you could choose your ideal life and business as an online marketer, what would it be? Would you have dozens of really successful Kindle books up for sale? Would you like to have a really powerful blog that’s #1 in your niche? Would you like to have a huge list that you promote affiliate products and your own products to? Let yourself dream a little.

Then, make sure you choose a niche and a business model that fits into your dream. If you begin with the end in mind, you’ll be a lot more likely to accomplish your dreams.

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