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Money Making Method Two: Selling Fresh Sites on the Spot

You’ve no doubt heard of house flipping in real estate. People buy houses for a very low price, fix them up, and sell them for a much higher profit. It’s a smart business model.

Site flipping is the online equivalent. People are happy to buy ready-made sites for a nice sum they think will earn more over time. There are active, lively marketplaces where people buy and sell such websites.

Some of the sites people ‘flip’ are very well established, proven earners. Other sites are built and sold fresh-- people buy them because they are well designed, search engine optimized, and are likely to earn good money over time even if that hasn’t been proven yet. This is the type you’re going to build.

Why Isn’t Site Flipping ‘Hot’ Anymore?

Site flipping was actually a much ‘hotter’ topic years ago. It seemed like marketers new and old were flipping fresh sites, and even sites earning piddly amounts, for huge profits. But, the landscape changed. The market got inundated with people trying to do the same thing. There was a lot of supply but not enough demand.

It’s Still Hot...if You Know The Right Way to Do It

Why, then, would I recommend this business model to you as a fast cash earning strategy?

Because it still can could even build a full time income very quickly with this business model. The difference between those who are able to flip fresh sites (and by ‘fresh’ I mean sites that were recently set up and don’t have any earnings yet) and those who aren’t is how the offer is positioned.

No, your website about a now-outdated hot toy from two years ago might not sell. But a website featuring something very of the moment, framed in an irresistible way, absolutely will sell. It’s all about the research and the way you frame your offer. People want to make money in the easiest way possible. They want the work done for them. That’s exactly what you’re going to offer.

What You’ll Need to Get Started

This is not a totally cost-free method...but you’ll be shocked at how inexpensive it is. You will need to get a domain name and a hosting account so people can see the sites you set up. I recommend you get your domain name through -- don’t get it through the hosting provider (this makes it easier to give to the site buyer later on). I also recommend you sign up for the Baby package for your hosting. You’ll spend less than $20 on these items.

You’ll need a new domain name with each site you flip-- so count that small expense in every time. Your hosting account will be a single, monthly cost no matter how many sites you build on it to flip, so the outlay isn’t as bad as it seems. You’ll usually need to pay a fee to the marketplace where you sell the site, but that differs greatly.

I’m going to cover the steps you’ll take this week to earn money flipping sites. Trust me-- you haven’t seen this exact method before. You’re going to bust into the marketplace to find hungry buyers who want exactly what you’re selling...because no one else is offering it.

Day One

The foundation of your success with this model is research. I fully understand that the prospect of doing research isn’t the most exciting for many reading this. The fact is that doing research now can help you profit faster. Your goal is to provide exactly what marketers and business people are looking for. Your goal is to stand apart from the crowd by offering something no one else even comes close to. That is how you’re going to make some great cash, very quickly.

You have to get an idea of what is selling before you do anything else.

Research With Flippa

The first stop in your journey is

Look for the ‘Advanced Search’ link at the top of the screen. Set your search to find sites with $0 revenue, Won listings, and an under $500 auction price. Flippa likes to show you their high selling auctions first, so setting it to under $500 will give you a better range of sites like what you’ll create.

Some of the sites that pop up will likely have some backlinks and visitors. You want to find the ones that have absolutely nothing. These are considered ‘Turnkey’ websites.

Find five sites, that sold well, you think you could reasonably emulate as far as niche, style, and content. You’ll never copy anyone’s site, of course, but taking notes on these sites will get you started on the right path.

Browse through the descriptions on the sales listings for these sites. What makes them stand out? Why did they sell when so many Turnkey websites do not? You’ll notice that they usually focus on exactly what the buyer wants-- a hot, proven topic. They use the elements of copywriting to pique the buyer’s interest. They frame the offer in a way that makes it irresistible, even though the site isn’t currently earning anything.

Research With the Warrior Forum Sites for Sale Section

You want as much data as possible before you get started. The Warrior Forum should be your next stop.


What is selling? Which threads are getting the most views? Why are some sites not selling? How are people framing their offer? How have the sellers streamlined things?

Go through and take notes. Make note of mistakes people make and sales techniques you want to emulate.

You’ve now given yourself a solid education on the types of sites that are selling. Most likely, they were comprised of three styles.

Types of Sites You Can Create

There are three different styles of site you can choose from for this fast cash strategy:

1. Clickbank affiliate site-- there are always affiliate marketers hungry for a site they can buy to promote the HOTTEST selling items as an affiliate. This method requires you to go to (or the site, which offers a search function and populartiy information on Clickbank products) to see what’s hot and of the moment. Go to Clickbank and write down the hot niches and products they are pushing. Focusing on these hot sellers can mean a fast site sale for you.

2. Ebook selling website-- You can use a resale rights ebook or write your own, and create a sales-letter based website to flip. People will receive rights to sell the book as their own-- and you’ll hand them the site to do it with.

3. Amazon affiliate site-- Many Internet marketers focus on Amazon because it’s so easy to make sales. You’re going to find a hot niche on Amazon (visit their bestsellers page at and build a niche affiliate site based on it. You’ll include great, fresh articles and reviews, affiliate links, and so on to entice someone to buy as a Turnkey site they can make money with.

Choose Your Strategy

You’ve gone through a lot of research by this point! You most likely have a very strong idea of what is selling, even if you aren’t totally sure how you’re going to create and sell a site. I want you to choose one of the three types of sites. It’s probably fastest to create a Clickbank affiliate site because you don’t have to do a ton of research beyond the one book you’re setting the site up to promote.

Amazon niches come and go depending on the season -- you can put one of these up quite quickly, just make sure you’re getting the site in front of buyers at the right time. These are usually fast sellers.

The ebook sales site might be a little harder to put together, especially if you plan to write the book yourself. The plus side to that is you can make a lot more money. This strategy honestly shouldn’t take you the whole week, and the rewards can be far greater.

Go ahead-- choose your method!

Where Should You Sell The Site?

It’s not time for this yet, of course...but I think it helps to know the goal.

I’m actually going to advise that you sell the site on the Warrior Forum when it’s set up. Flippa is a fine marketplace, but the Warrior Forum has an extremely active population of Internet marketers who are always on the lookout to buy sites quite quickly. You can easily list and sell something the same day. Flippa is often a much longer term, auction style strategy. You will also get the money via PayPal right away if you sell your site to buyers on the Warrior Forum. At the time of this writing, it costs $20 flat to sell a site on Warrior Forum.

Please take time to sign up for the Warrior Forum now if you are not already a member -- you will need this membership when you are ready to sell the site.

You can read the remainder of this post or download it in PDF format here.


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