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Sell More Method 13: From Paid To Free

So many people are scared to run paid ads. They're afraid they will end up spending a lot of money with little in return. Maybe they have had that experience in the past because they were misinformed about paid ads and how to run them. I definitely don't think you should be afraid of paid ads. They can really pay off if you run them the right way.

The great thing about running paid ads is that you can get results right away. You can run a paid ad for one day, or even half a day, and get all the data you need to know if your squeeze page, Facebook page, sales page, or whatever it is, is working and converting.

Why spend weeks or even months struggling to try to drive free traffic only to find that your squeeze page, Facebook page, sales page, or whatever is a dud? Paid traffic can save you so much time so you can find out right away if a campaign is going to work or not. If you know you have a winner, you can then expand to free traffic as well.

Paid ads are actually easy if you approach them in the right way. They are easy because you can start them low and really build them up. These days, they are so super targeted that it's really hard to mess them up. Of course, if you are going to run paid ads I highly urge you to get some training first.

The great thing is that you can restrict your spending to a low daily budget you don't spend too much. You can really start with a super low budget – a budget that's low enough for absolutely anyone starting out. There are so many guides and tutorials designed to help you that there’s really no reason to shy away.

Facebook and Google ads are common. These are the ones I recommend you look at first. The one you choose will differ depending on what your goals are. You should run Facebook ads for Facebook page promotions. These tend to have the highest conversions and you can build relationships with the people who like your Facebook page from there. You can run Google ads for other purposes, such as driving people to a squeeze page.

Focus your attention on paid ads as a social media or list builder. I don't recommend you send people straight to a sales page, at least not when you're first starting out.

For the Facebook strategy, you're going to create or use a Facebook page where you share things and give away a lot of value. This should be a niche page that people will be interested in liking. This shouldn't really be a page that’s specific to your business, rather a page that people would like whether it were run by you or not and that is very specific to their interests, needs, or desires.

You'll then run paid Facebook ads to get people to like this page. Take a look at the Facebook ads that show up on the sidebar of your Facebook account to get a feel for how people write these ads. There are a number of great Facebook ad tutorials out there as well.

Once people have liked your Facebook page, you should do your best to share images with them, memes, helpful posts, and more. Get them engaged and eventually get them to sign up for your list away from Facebook.

Also, when they like your page, those likes should show up in their newsfeed and start to go viral. They may also start to share images and things from your page on their page, and hopefully the trend will continue so your page spreads like wildfire. This is why so many people like Facebook paid advertising, because it really has so many benefits.

For Google ads, you'll set up a squeeze page and give something very valuable away for free. This is in exchange for people signing up for your list. After they’ve signed up, your goal is to build a relationship and to sell them products that can help them.

Your Google ad should be extremely targeted to your squeeze page. Your ad, squeeze page, and freebie should match up in promise and content to be as effective as possible.

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