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Sell More Method 8: Building Everyone into a Frenzy

People love to have something to look forward to. It's one thing to just launch a product and have people decide that it's right for them. If they’re really loyal to you, they’ll buy whatever you’re selling, then and there. But, most customers don’t work that way. If people haven't been pre-sold, they may not buy even if it's something that could be really useful for them.

If you want to sell more products, then it’s time to pay attention to how you can pre-sell people in your niche on buying your products before they’ve even been released. You can tease and build up your products to get everyone into a frenzy so they will buy right away.

You used to see this kind of teasing and pre-selling done time and time again. It would often happen with very high-end guru products—they’d tease the product for weeks or even months. They whole community would be talking about it. By the time the product rolled around and was for sale, people eagerly jumped over to the buy button without even reading the sales page.

You can use this concept in your own business. You might use it differently, after all there are some less-than customer friendly techniques used in some of those guru launches. However, there are still many concepts there that you can borrow successfully for your own product launches. It can even be a lot of fun.

Several years ago, the Mass Control product by Frank Kern came out. It was all about whipping your audience into a frenzy, like I’ve just described. This product was extremely successful and Frank Kern used his own concepts to sell it. Even those who didn't buy it were talking about it on all the forums on the web.

The fact is that you don't need $2,000 to use this method and its concepts still apply today. The concepts are fairly common sense as long as you switch your mindset. It does help to think of the great launches of guru days past. What gets people really excited? What gets people to hand over $2,000 or $4,000 to a product sight unseen? Really think about it.

The fact is that people love to get excited about what's to come. They love the buildup. There are many successful TV shows and movies that have used this method. Networks and studios often tease their movie or TV show before it comes out and even before its full trailer is released. It's the excitement people love. It's the tease the people love. They know that they can build up that excitement and get people talking to get more people to watch. The same concept can apply for your sales.

If you tease people ahead of time, and get them emotionally committed and excited about the idea, they'll be a lot more likely to follow through. It's this commitment to follow through that you want. Getting this commitment before release day can almost guarantee that your product is a hot seller.

One great concept behind this is that people love to feel part of the community. When you start whipping people into a frenzy, other people get excited too. It's the viral nature of getting excited that attracts others. When a ton of people are all excited about one thing, others get attracted to it too. That's the whole concept behind Mass Control.

So, how are you going to use this for your products? It's as easy as teasing your audience, starting with free content. You need to come up with a schedule where you release great, free content that will get people excited before launch day.

Your product is about something very specific. It probably solves a problem or a set of problems. Think of your free content as a pre-sales letter. You want to stir the emotions about a certain problem, or set of problems, that people have. The free content you give away should address these problems head-on. Your free content should be very helpful and of great value, but really only give a hint as to what your full product uncovers.

This free content should act as a list builder. Get people to sign up for your list so they receive subsequent free content. Let people know that there will be free content in the future and that they have to sign up in order to receive it.

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