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Typical Selling Strategies

How do marketers typically sell online? You're most likely using many of the strategies yourself. Perhaps you've tried your hand at search engine optimization. Maybe you write articles, you've gotten affiliates, you use social media, and so on.

Honestly, your success boils down to providing a product people in your niche need and want, letting them know about it, and getting it to them. You have to actively get traffic, build your list and provide value. If the tried-and-true strategies aren’t working, you have to ask yourself why. You have to ask yourself what else you can do to make more headway.

We’ve already talked about the fact that you can't just rely on one strategy. There are some people who do pretty well with one strategy, such as using Facebook to drive traffic, but then they find themselves coming up short when something in the algorithm changes. There were many online marketers who relied a lot on websites like Squidoo, for example. There was a golden period for marketers on that site but that all came to a rapid close, which was devastating for some… and a good lesson and reminder for others.

You need to be everywhere on the web if you want to succeed long-term. You need to be present on social media, on the search engines, on article directories, on the lips of affiliates, readers, and buyers, on your own blogs and websites, and more. You need to be the number one expert and the one people turn to in your niche. The way you do this is by strategically building your presence on the web.

It's great to keep up with the typical selling strategies. If something is working for you right now, I am in no way telling you to stop. But I am telling you that you can make use of these 15 methods to expand your marketing further and to find success more quickly. If you use these methods to take your traffic and list building to the next level, you'll also be much more likely to have far greater success than you previously thought possible.


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