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How to Position Yourself As An Expert In Your Niche

If you are positioned as THE expert to whom your prospects want to go for advice... then it is likely people would BUY from you, right?

So...let's get started.

First, some background:

Consider this: do you need to BE the #1 expert in your niche, or do you need to be perceived as the best expert for your prospect?

Here's the thing...if you are the #1 expert in your niche, but no one believes you are right for THEM - you aren't going to do as much business as if your prospects believe that you are the right expert for THEM.

You see, it doesn't matter if the whole world sees you as an expert, if your clients don't.

And if your clients believe you are an expert, it doesn't matter if no one else does. only have to be perceived as an expert by your prospects.

What this means is that instead of focusing on general marketing efforts that educate the world on your expertise, but don't get actionable, measurable results, you should focus on educating your prospects on your expert status.

And once someone becomes a prospect... where do they go to find out if you are an expert?

They go to Google.

They Google your name.

And if the only thing that comes up is a Facebook page with pictures of your children riding horses, and an old Linkedin page, and a couple of blog comments you've made on irrelevant are going to look like a....NOT AN EXPERT!

But if when they Google YOUR NAME and they see 10 web pages that all make you look like an expert...they will generally believe that you ARE an expert.

Look your name up in Google. Would YOU think you are an expert if you were your prospect? If need to follow these steps to fix it:

Get your prospects to become subscribers of your email campaign.

Engineer your Google search results for *your name* so that if someone Googles you there are at least 10 websites that you appear on that make you appear to be an expert.

Here are some ways to do that:

· create a website that tells about your expertise

· create a blog that has content on it that looks (and is) professional and compelling

· if one of your clients has something good to say about you - ask if they would make a blog post on THEIR site talking about it. Then get THAT POST to come up in the top ten in Google for *your name*

· write some articles that are educational and professional and submit them to several article directories.

· become a guest blogger for at least 3 respected blogs in your niche

· Record a YouTube video that shows you in a good light

· write an ebook and give it away

· create a professional audio training and give it away

That should be a great starting point - and help you generate some additional ideas.

Once you have those pages in place, focus on getting inbound links and maximizing search engine optimization techniques to get those pages to show up for *your name* in Google.

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