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The Simple Way to Lose Less Subscribers

If you're using double opt-in to build your email list, you know that a person needs to click that confirmation link in the email before they're added to your list. What's frustrating is that a certain percentage never do it. You went to all the work of getting the traffic to your website and getting them to fill out the opt-in form, and then they don't confirm and you lose them. Ouch! Here's a simple way to lose less subscribers by increasing the number of email confirmations you get. 1. Your give away should have a great title with a clear benefit. For example, 7 Dirty Little Secrets Women Don't Know About Men. 2. Once the person opts-in to get the freebie, they're taken to a thank you page. On that page you want to AGAIN remind them of why they opted in, like this: "Thank you for requesting our free ebook, 7 Dirty Little Secrets Women Don't Know About Men. To receive it, simply check your email and click the link." If you want to also instruct them on white listing your email address or tell them they'll be receiving your newsletter, go ahead. The key to remember here is to repeat the freebie title so it sticks in their mind. 3. Remind them of the title a third time by placing it at the top of the confirmation email. The reason some people don't confirm is because they don't remember WHY they signed up in the first place. By continuing to remind them throughout the sign-up process, you're alleviating this problem and increasing the chances they'll confirm their subscription. 4. Whatever else you place on the confirmation page, be sure to place a link to the free incentive front and center above the fold. Now that you've gotten them to confirm, you don't want to irritate them into unsubscribing by withholding the freebie. Yes, by all means do an OTO at this time if you like, but be sure you start the page with the link to download the incentive.

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