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The Best Way To Build Your List Of Prospects

We've covered how to get a list of buyers without buying traffic. Now let's talk about about how to get a list of prospects, again without having to buy any traffic. Better yet, how can you build this list while simultaneously skyrocketing your credibility and being a welcome diversion to your readers who can't wait to see what you do next?

To start this you don't need a list of your own. You don't need an expert status. You don't even have to know a great deal about your niche when you begin. What you do need is the ability to ask good questions, to connect with people and be a good listener so you can ask great follow up questions, and sound somewhat personable and professional.

If you haven't yet guessed, you're going to be using the expertise of others by conducting interviews with experts in your chosen niche. And speaking of niches, this will work in almost any market where people spend money. You don't need your own product, but if you have one that's great, too.

Just like reporters, newscasters and talk show hosts, when you're interviewing experts and sharing their knowledge, you build a high level of your own credibility. And when your experts invite their own list and social media followers to the interview, you build your list with their contacts.

You can then email them every week with another great interview, thereby building a relationship of trust with your list. Your emails will get opened because they know you're providing great content. And instead of just reading your words, they get to hear you week in and week out, further making them feel they know you, like you and trust you.

You already know how to monetize your list – market your products and related products. Plus you can be an affiliate for your experts, offering their products as well.

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