Make Your WSOs Just a Little Safer From Paypal

First, it's important to know why Paypal sometimes limits or even shuts down accounts owned by Internet Marketers. While I can't give you Paypal's official reason, I can hazard a guess:

Paypal is affiliated with credit card companies, and those credit card companies do not like their cards to be used for purchasing money making systems. Why? Because money making systems have higher chargeback rates than other products. If you've sold ANYTHING in the Internet Marketing realm, you know this to be true. We could debate why this is (inferior products, serial refunders, etc.) But it doesn't matter.

What does matter is Paypal has to be careful, or they risk losing their affiliation with the credit card companies which would be devastating to their business.

Think of it this way: The credit card companies tell Paypal what they expect from Paypal to stay in good standing with them. Then Paypal, needing very much to keep the credit cards companies happy – creates its own set of terms and conditions for you to follow.

As a user of Paypal, you must absolutely ensure that your programs do not fall into either one of these categories:

  • Unrealistic or unsupported promises in regards to profits that might be earned or returns on investment. This is where you say something like, “Earn $100 a Minute!” But you have nothing to back that up (testimonials do NOT count, btw.)

  • Get rich quick schemes, such as self-employment, start-up business or investment opportunities that make unrealistic or unsupported claims of profit or return. Okay, that sounds pretty much like the first one, doesn't it? Don't say anything that you cannot back up FULLY and COMPLETELY.

Now then, even if you have all the confidence that your claims can be backed up, or even if you're making no income claims at all, Paypal may still not like what you are saying in your sales copy. That's why you might want to consider placing what I will call a buffer page between your sales page and your Paypal checkout.

Paypal can see the page your customer came from, thus it's easy for them to backtrack and see exactly what you're selling and how you are selling it. That is, unless you place a separate page between your sales page and your Paypal check out page.

This way you can say what you like on your sales page. To purchase, your customers click the buy button, and on the next page they're taken to is a nice, clean summary of what they will be receiving, without any claims whatsoever about how much anyone has made with your system.

This second page is basically a very short summary that tells your customer they are about to buy something that shows how you achieved something – not about how much money they are about to make. Please notice the difference. On the sales page you might still be saying, “Earn $99 an hour with my system” assuming that's true and provable as far as you know.

Then on the buffer page you tell them basically the same thing, except now you word it as, “This is how I achieved this goal.” Never mention that they can achieve the same goal. Keep in mind as you write this second page that Paypal may well end up reading it one day. Keep it simple, describe your product in full and be honest to a fault. Include a 100% money back guarantee badge as well.

When the customer clicks the buy button on this buffer page, they are now taken to Paypal's checkout. Be sure to use the exact same button to make it appear seamless, and place the button above the fold so they don't need to scroll.

To answer the obvious question, yes it is possible that you will lose a couple of sales this way. Then again, any sales you lose may not have been sticking around anyway. You're only adding one more page, one more step, one more click. And this is a system that has been used in checkout procedures for a long time – we've just gotten away from it with the advent of one click checkout in WSO's and the like.

No one can tell you for certain that adding this page will protect you, but it certainly can't hurt. And if your Paypal account if ever limited, won't be great to know that Paypal cannot see your income claims, but rather they see you're simply offering a case study on something you achieved? It could help tremendously to get your account back again, rather than having to wait 6 months or more to receive the money that was in your account that entire time.

Now then, with all of that said, here is a second option:

From the get-go, do not make or imply any income claims whatsoever. Instead, be consistent in saying, “This is how I did this, this is the result I achieved. Period.” If you do it right, it's entirely possible to achieve just as many if not more sales using this method, instead of making income claims.

I'd like to think that the majority of people who want to make money online want the truth, not hype. Of course this is not always true, but then again if you go after the get-rich-quick type of customers, you are also more likely to get refund requests. It's your call.

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