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How to Double and Even Triple Webinar Conversions

Are you planning to use webinars in your marketing? If you're not, you might want to rethink it. Webinars are a tremendous way to establish credibility and rapport with your prospects. They're also a great way to use scarcity, since you only have a certain number of lines that will be available. And of course the offer you make to webinar attendees is only good for the first "X" number of attendees, or it expires that same evening. But even with those marketing tactics, you can still close far more of your webinar leads with the following systems in place. The fact is that most marketers do not do enough to convert unconverted leads, and thus we leave far too much money behind. Getting leads takes time, effort and money - so why not do everything you can to maximize those leads and convert as many as humanly possible? As you read the steps below, you might think this sounds like too much work. But consider how much more money you would make if you were to simply DOUBLE your conversions. That alone should be all the incentive you need to get busy with these conversion boosting steps from Rich Schefren: 1. When a prospect registers for the webinar, give them a series of videos that warms them up prior to the webinar. These videos should give excellent information, as well as getting the prospect eager to know more. 2. If the prospect doesn't register for the webinar, offer them a hot report. (See the article in this edition of Delaveri detailing the type of reports that work best.) Include a link in the report that allows them to register for the webinar. If your report is good, you will have prospects sign up for your webinar after reading it - prospects you otherwise never would gotten to the webinar. 3. If they sign up for the webinar but don't show up, give them 3 separate chances to see the replay. In each of the 3 emails, use a different hook to try to persuade them to watch it. 4. If after the third time they still don't watch the webinar replay, make a different offer. Instead of the webinar, present the same information but in a different format. It might be an actual video instead of a webinar, or an audio or a PDF. 5. If they do come to the webinar but they leave early, offer them a replay where they can pick up where they left off. 6. If they show up to the webinar (live or recorded) but they don't buy, put them into a different sequence of email messages designed to either get them to take your primary offer, or a secondary offer. The secondary offer might be a smaller, less expensive version of the first offer. 7. Your goal is to give every prospect who goes through this system an offer they want in a format that works for them. 8. You'll want to diagram or mind map all of this out before you get started to avoid confusion later. Like we said, this takes effort, but it can pay off in a big way. And so long as your offer doesn't change, once you have the system in place you will only need to tweak and refine it from time to time to continue to reap the rewards of your efforts. 9. Plus, your customers will thank you. You already know that you can help your prospects if only they will take advantage of your offer - so it's in their best interest to do everything you can to win the sale and get them the products or information they want and need.

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