Are Your Customers Lying To You?

Gardeners might say they want fertilizers and pest control – but what they really want is a garden that looks amazing.

Auto mechanics don't want a new set of tools (okay, they're guys, they DO want the new tools.) But what I suspect they really want deep down inside is to be the incredible fix-it guy who's admired for being able to repair just about anything.

Bloggers don't want more traffic, they want more real people actually READING and enjoying their content, validating their efforts and buying their affiliate products.

Overweight people don't really want to lose weight – they want all sorts of things like looking and feeling amazing, making their sister envious, or knowing they look far hotter than the woman who shares their husband's office.

It's not always easy to sell someone on the latest weight loss pill, but can you sell them on having plenty of energy and waking up feeling amazing each day? Can you sell them on getting more done without feeling tired and on getting admiring looks from potential suitors? While we're on the topic, can you sell them on having the most amazing sex they've had in years? Because when their body looks great, they gain confidence and a whole host of other benefits that does indeed translate into a better time in the bedroom.

See? Your customer doesn't want to lose weight. In fact, the term “lose weight” sounds like major WORK, pain, deprivation and starvation. Your customer doesn't want all those things. But your customers does want all the many benefits of having a fit, trim body. Get them to focus on those things that they really and truly want, and it will be much easier for them to say yes to your new weight loss routine or product.

Just remember – that brick and mortar business owner wants ONE thing – more customers. All the rest is just stuff to get him more customers. And you'll find this is true in every niche out there. Find out what they really, truly want and that's when your product will practically sell itself.

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