3 Proven Methods For Making Real Money With Fiverr

Sure you can make 5 bucks a shot performing services on Fiverr, but in most places in the world that won't buy much. But if you leverage Fiverr to your own advantage, you can earn a nice little side income. Here then are 3 ways to earn real money leveraging the power of Fiverr: 1. App Development. Apps are super popular and a multitude of businesses would love to have an app, if they only knew where to get one made. And apps for businesses are often super simple, too - basically an icon that leads to their website. You can get apps made on Fiverr for just five bucks, and you can then sell those same apps for a hundred dollars or far more. You can market the app as a way for a business' website to display correctly on a mobile device. To sell the app service, you can use a mobile emulator site like this one to view the website: http://www.brickandmobile.com/mobile-emulator/ If it doesn't display correctly (and most still don't) you can capture an image of it by using your "PrtSc" key, and then show it to your prospect. Let them know that more and more people are on mobile and they're potentially losing business. It's a fairly easy sale.

2. YouTube intros and backgrounds. There are tons of possibilities on Fiverr for creating those 5 second branding clips found at the beginning of videos that showcase the business' logo. In fact you might offer a package of 5 different video logos for one price. It will cost you $25, but you can charge $100 to $200. And it's a great investment for the business because they will be able to brand all of their present and future videos with the video logo they choose. In addition you can also offer to design a business channel, which is essentially creating a background for their YouTube channel. Of course you don't need to tell the customer it's this easy. And you might package the video intro and the YouTube channel design into one package for a good price.

3. Voice mail messages. This is an odd one, but the fact is a lot of people do not like to record their own voice messages on their business phones. For 5 bucks you can get a professional voice artist to make the recording for you, and you can charge about a $100 for the service. When your customer orders, ask them what they want on the message. You can also let them choose between male and female, and even offer voices with accents if you choose. Go to Fiverr first and see what's available before listing the options for your customers.

If you're wondering if there's much money in doing any of these three, it will of course depend on how well you market the services. If you clear $100 or more on each sale and you make a few sales a week or a month, it's an excellent side income and can easily make your house payment.

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