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2018 Info-Marketing Strategy... Problem Based Product Creation

Opportunities to create brand new products are everywhere, you just have to keep your eyes open. For example, not too long ago Facebook was strictly for connecting. Then things changed, and Facebook advertising burst upon the scene, along with tons of products on how to market on Facebook. Same thing with Pinterest - not long ago most people had never even heard of Pinterest, yet now there are all kinds of products on how to make money or build a larger audience using that social medium. So how do you create a great selling product today? The number one thing to keep in mind is SPEED. When you find a need in the market, don't sit on it, ACT on it. Today. And forget about making all encompassing products of 250 pages with 37 videos, at least until you've got several smaller products under your belt. Why? Because those big products take time to put together and launch. Think of moving a massive army from one place to another - it can take weeks. Now think about a single fighter jet - with airborne refueling you can get that plane anywhere in the world in a day. By being fast and light on your product creation feet, you can have more products to sell to a wider audience, too. Are you ready to make your next product? The first step is to look for problems - and when you find a good one - find a solution. Then make the product in ONE sitting. Sometimes one sitting means you sitting down and writing out the product or recording videos. Other times it means outsourcing the work to your favorite (and fastest) coder: For example, if you're making a plug-in. Odds are you'll be creating most of your own products - so why do it in one day? Because the more time you give yourself, the less likely it is that you will ever finish the product. But if you tell yourself that you're not going to get up from your desk until you finish the product, guess what happens? You cut out all of the fluff and all of the excuses, and you take rapid fire action. What happens when you cut out the fluff? You give your customers actionable material they can use immediately. It's a better product because it gets them results faster. And the better their results, the more likely it is that they'll want to come back to you and see what else you've got. Something else great happens as well when you make your products in a single day. Because you're acting on your product idea WHEN you have the product idea, you're at your maximum enthusiasm for the project. This will fire synapses in your brain and make new connections that find new solutions like you're some kind of wizard. In fact, you will likely astonish yourself at just how good your new product is. So how do you make a product in a day? Simple: First present the problem and then give them the solution in a step-by-actionable-step format. That's the formula. Tell them what the problem is and why it's a problem. Go ahead and write this into your product - you'll need it in your sales page anyway, and it reminds the customer of why they bought your product in the first place. Once you've stated the problem you're going to solve and how much better they'll feel when it is solved, give them the solution. Step 1, do this. Step 2, do that. Use pictures, screen captures, videos, whatever it takes to clearly show them what to do. You're solving one problem with one solution. Not 100 solutions - that just confuses everyone. One problem and one solution. Using the one problem - one solution - one day method, you can have your next product completed today. Or tomorrow. And then you can do another. And another, and another. If this is your first time creating a product, I'm going to recommend that you plan on selling it at a low price. Why? First, to get more sales and build a bigger list. Second, to take the pressure off. What happens when you feel pressure? You put things off because you feel stressed. But if you plan on selling your product for $3 to $10, how much pressure is there really? Almost none. So go ahead and create your next product, or your first product, today. Remember, solve one problem with one solution, rinse and repeat. And have fun! What Makes For A Great Selling Product? In one word - pain. In marketing we tend to focus on the benefits and that's good. But an even better motivator is pain. When you promise benefits, you're offering something in the future for the customer. But when you offer to alleviate their pain or suffering, you're offering to relieve them of something negative they're experiencing right now. Look at the chiropractic industry. Almost any chiropractor will tell you that regularly going to a chiropractor will prevent back problems. But when do people actually GO to the chiropractor? When they are currently experiencing back pain. People will pay more money - and they will pay it faster - to get rid of a pain they are experiencing right now. And it doesn't matter if it's a physical pain, a financial pain or an emotional pain. So watch for peoples' pains that you can alleviate with simple, doable solutions. When you find them, you've got a winning product idea. What If Your Product Doesn't Sell? Now then, I'm going to say something that may startle you, but here goes: If you create a one day product and it doesn't sell well, that's perfectly okay! Why? Because first of all, you only spent one day making the product, not weeks or months. Imagine if you spent the next 6 months making your masterpiece product and then sold 3 copies - now THAT would be a problem. Second, you now have a viable asset. You can re-purpose that product into an incentive to get people to join your list. You can use it as a bonus with your next product. You can use it to get leads through a give-away event. You can use it in a joint venture or a fire sale. You can use it as a bonus when you promote affiliate products. "Hey, when you buy XYZ product from me, you also get my ABC product for free!" And when you've exhausted all of those uses, you can even break it into blog posts or articles.

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