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How to Create a Product That Practically Writes Itself

The hardest part of product creation isn't creating the product - it's knowing what to put into your product. Whether you're creating videos or writing an ebook, you still need a map of your product to find your way to the finish line (and your payday) as quickly and efficiently as possible. I never recommend trying to just "wing" your product creation as so many fledgling product creators try to do - you'll spend twice as long making a product that's only half as good as it could have been. Instead, start your product creation by using a matrix. At the top of your matrix is your BIG IDEA. This is the main topic of your product. For example, if you're writing a product on how to purchase your first home, that's your subject: "How to Buy Your First Home." Remember to add a hook to your title: "How to Buy Your First Home Without Getting Ripped Off" or "How to Buy Your First Home Even If You Have Poor Credit." Now that you have your topic, choose about 10 subtopics. These are the main categories of what you can teach your customers. In our example, your subtopics might be: 1. Discovering what is most important to you in choosing your new home 2. Finding the right real estate agent for you 3. Looking at homes for sale: 10 things you must do 4. Avoiding homes with hidden problems 5. Narrowing the list of prospective homes 6. Negotiating to get the very best price 7. Hiring inspectors so there are no nasty surprises 8. How to get a loan with low rates, regardless of your credit history 9. How to speed up the loan process 10. Moving - Tips to make your transition smooth and painless Now that you've got your 10 subtopics, you start creating your product, right? Not yet. You've got one more step, and that's to break each of the subtopics down even further. If you can, make a list of at least 7 to 10 things you want to cover for each subtopic. Trust me, putting in this extra work now will pay off tremendously when it comes time to create your product. You will have your topic, your 10 subtopics, and 7 to 10 items under each subtopic you can cover. Then it's merely a case of filling in the blanks. This takes all the pressure off of you and will likely cut your product creation time in half.

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