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Stuck for Innovative Marketing Ideas? Try These

HubSpot has compiled the 10 most remarkable marketing campaigns EVER. And while the article is sure to entertain, it's also an excellent resource to get ideas for your own marketing campaigns.

For example, Burger King's Whopper Sacrifice asked Facebook users to unfriend 10 people to get a free Whopper. It only lasted 10 days before Facebook shut them down, but in those 10 days Burger King gave away 20,000 Whoppers, stood social media on its head and received a ton of free publicity and word of mouth advertising. The take-away? Use a really, really simple call to action, and don't be afraid to push the envelope.

Here are the takeaways I garnered from the 10 most remarkable campaigns as posted by HubSpot. You might want to print these out and keep them handy:

  1. Use a really, really, really simple call-to-action.

  2. Don’t be afraid to push the envelope.

  3. Find the niche audience that is super passionate about your product or mission, and explore ways to intrigue, inspire, and deeply entertain them.

  4. Invest in really good storytelling.

  5. Been doing the same thing for 23 years? Surprise the hell out of everyone by not doing it. At least once.

  6. Even high-profile, high-budget “do good” programs don’t do much good if they’re not authentic and brand-relevant. Learn from Pepsi’s mistakes.

  7. Give your audience opportunities to “star” in your marketing.

  8. Create an annual tradition (that gets better every year!).

  9. Make it wicked easy to participate, and just as easy to “share.”

  10. Got a spokesperson for your brand? Make sure he/she appeals to and entertains both genders, and provide opportunities for your audience to engage with him/her both on and offline.

  11. Short, frequent, episodic, and highly share worthy content will be shared more than the usual marketing fodder.

  12. Experiment with non-traditional marketing channels.

  13. Remember that no brand is too small to make a giant, remarkable splash.

  14. Explore new ways to embrace the very thing (technology, competition, etc) that’s disrupting your business model.

  15. Invest in, cultivate, and nurture deep, direct relationships with your fans/loyal customers/promoters. One day soon, that will really come in handy.

  16. Focus on the one thing that makes you undeniably different from all your competitors. Double down on that one thing.

  17. Screw the cow path. Blaze your own trail.


  19. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to be remarkable.

  20. If the President of the USA can master this social media stuff, so can you.

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