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How To Make Money With PLR - Part 1

Viral Marketing - Like a virus, viral marketing can be spread to other people, but in a good way. In this case, if you have a list, you can give your list a free copy of a report you wrote using private label rights material. You can also offer free software as a viral marketing tool. The word "free' is one of the most powerful words in the American vocabulary. People are like magnets to things that are advertised as free.

Your list can be encouraged to forward your free products to others in efforts to get more people signed up to your list. When they sign up to your list and see that you have quality information and products, more than likely, they'll want to buy and you'll make more money with your expanded list. It just goes to show that you have to give in order to receive. Don't underestimate the power of this kind of free marketing. It can do wonders for your bank account.

Affiliate Links - With that free report using private label rights, you can strategically insert affiliate links for related products. This way, you can make some money up front if the person clicks on the link and is interested in the product. However, you have to be careful not to place a lot of affiliate links in the report or it will look like your main objective is to get their money before they can digest the information on the report.

This is a turn off and can cost you potential subscribers added to your list. If you do add affiliate links to the report, they should be cloaked so that it won't be so obvious to others that you're trying to sell something.

You want to get them interested in the report first before they pull out their wallet. If you do this the right way, you'll have more commissions than you ever thought you could have.

Expert Interview - To add value and profit to your private label rights product, you could include an interview with an expert. Ask questions regarding the niche and see if the person would provide some answers in relation to your product. With the information the interviewer decides to give, it can help you enhance to value and quality of your product.

You can explain that you interviewed someone and they provided information on the subject. Then you can take the interviewer's information and compile it with your private label rights product. This idea, in addition to you modifying the generic private label rights content, can make your content unique and increase profits for you.

Free Audio - Instead of offering them a free e-book, private label rights content can be used to create audios. As with other media, you should modify the content so you can stand out. This is another way to get opt-ins to your newsletter. This free audio would have lots of value because it would be an original, created by you, not something passed down where every Tom, Dick and Harry have given away as a free gift.

As usual, being unique is the key here. When people get this, they'll start to think that since your free audio has value, that everything else you offer will have value also. Therefore, they'll more likely be eager to purchase from you, resulting in more profits. More importantly, the audio is "free" and people pounce on anything that has the word "free" in it.

EBay - For the most part, you're not allowed to sell the original private label rights products or articles on E-Bay. This is because the value will shoot down very quickly and then you'll have copy cats who will try to undercut you by offering lower auction prices.

What do you do? Modify and add to the product, including changing the title to something more attention-grabbing.

Use the "About Me" page to your advantage. In that area, add your web page that has the opt-in form for them to sign up for your newsletter. Or, if you have a similar product, use that web page in the "About Me" section. Some customers would be interested in purchasing more private label rights products, especially if you've made significant modifications and changes to the information to make it look unique.

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