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10 Hot Amazon Squidoo Lens Ideas

10 Hot Amazon Squidoo Lens Ideas

I'm going to assume you already know that Squidoo lenses built around timely topics are a hit. Stuff like politics, sports seasons, and holidays mean you'll get a great spike in traffic at that time - but you'll still see some visitors throughout the year.

This report is going to show you 10 hot ideas for Squidoo lenses that are evergreen in nature. That means they're good all year round. I'm going to show you what the idea is all about, what search results show, and talk about what types of products you can promote through Amazon that match that idea. Why Amazon? I shop there - for almost everything. And I know how easy it is to tack on stuff so you can get the free shipping.

Here are a few things you need to know before we get started...

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