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Being tired of trying to figure out what to fix for meals is a common battle. Even with all of the different types of foods you can use, it can still be tough knowing how to cook it, so you get stuck in a rut.


Adding in all of the stress from trying to juggle a busy life and it’s no wonder that people are searching for quick, easy and affordable meal solutions. Thankfully, there are great meal delivery services such as Magic Kitchen.


By getting your meals from this company, you can put the enjoyment and the relaxation back into meal preparation again. It’s convenient, saves you time, and ends up costing you less money.


Getting Started with Magic Kitchen Is Easy


To get started, all you have to do is go to the company’s website and browse through their list of delicious food items. You choose what you want and how many serving sizes you want and simply add it to your cart.


The company has a huge selection of foods. When you go to the site, you can choose which meal program you’d like to have. You get to pick between A la Carte or special diet.


Each program gives you the option of having great tasting, healthy meals. If you use the A la Carte program, then besides main dishes, you can also choose which side items you want as well as whether or not you’d like to have dessert.


This way, you get to set up the meal as you’d like it. How often you can get the meals brought to your home is up to you as well. The company has a handy auto-ship option.


You can pick if you want the food delivered to you on a weekly basis, twice a month or if you only want to get a delivery once a month instead. Best of all, you’re not locked into any type of service agreement.


You can get food when you want it and if you don’t want it, you don’t have any cancellation fees or other costs that you'll have to pay. This is a great way for you to introduce variety into your meal planning, to take care of a loved one’s meals or surprise someone with the gift of a delicious meal delivery.


The best way to jump into the experience of the meal delivery service is to pick out some different meals and order them. That way, you can get an idea of what’s going to suit your taste buds.


Then, what you’ll have the opportunity to do is to decide, with the company’s help, what you want in the future. You can work out any problems you have with foods such as those you didn’t like or you know you won’t like or food allergies.


You can also order more of the foods you really love and help yourself achieve your health goals through eating certain meal plans. The company will work with you to create an expansive selection of foods that you want and set up your packages for delivery.


Once you’ve been with the company for a few deliveries, they’ll contact you to see if you need to switch out any of your original food decisions. Best of all, if you try something and decide it’s not for you, the company will give you a different selection or give you back what you paid for the meal that you didn’t like.


Each of the meals comes to your home frozen and will be delivered even if you’re not there to get them. They’re packaged with food safety in mind, so you don’t have to worry about food spoiling.


What Is the Magic Kitchen Meal Delivery Going to Cost Me?


The pricing for the service is similar to the standard that you’d pay using other comparable services. However, Magic Kitchen also offers great discounts and deals on their foods.


You can find food items ranging from 10% to 25% to even half off certain selections.  If you’re going to use a meal program, then you’ll find that you get savings each time you put in an order.


When you first start the program, you won’t have to pay any shipping costs at all. Following that first order, if you put in orders steadily at least within 30 days of the prior order and your total is at least $125, then the company will cover the cost of shipping the package to you.


If you choose not to take advantage of their money saving shipping cost deal, then you’ll have to pay to have the food delivered to you. Each box will then have a rate cost that’s figured according to what the company has to spend to ship it using standard shipping or UPS air as well as FedEx.


The choice is up to you, depending on how quickly you want your items. You can expect to pay close to $20 for shipping because the cost is determined by what your box weighs, which is why it’s a money saving move if you order from the company regularly.


If you want to pin down the day that you want your food items, you can choose that when you select your food. You can check on the delivery date for when you’ll get you order by using the zip code option on the website.


The average cost of the meals is also comparable at around $10 per person, depending on what you choose. Your food selections can make that cost either go up or down, based on how much you pick and what you pick.


For example, if you decide that you’re going to select a meal bundle, you then have to decide if you want that bundle to be in sizes one or two. If you choose the meals for one bundle, then you receive a total of eight meals.


You also get desserts - such as double fudge brownie or chocolate ganache cake. Choosing the complete package of the 8 meals with dessert that offers meals for one means that you’ll pay around $142.


It’s only $125 if you decide that you want to forego receiving the desserts. Deciding that you want to order meals for two servings means that you can receive the same foods with desserts for around $284.


Leaving off the desserts brings the package cost to around $249. Any time that you’re not going to be there to get the meals, you can opt out of delivery until you notify the company that you want to restart delivery.


What Can Magic Kitchen Deliver to You?


One of the great things about Magic Kitchen is that they have a lot of options when it comes to ordering what you’d like to eat. The meals are divided into meal bundles and that category is broken down into sections.


These sections are for 1-2 servings, 3-4 servings or 5-6 servings. Besides meal bundles, the selection is also broken down into choices like family style, comfort food, main courses, soups and breads, side dishes, desserts, complete meals for one, A la Carte Healthy, and senior meals.


The items in the meal bundles as well as the other food options are as close to natural as the company can get. There is an emphasis on using organic supplies in their fruits and vegetables to protect consumers against pesticides.


When it comes to the meats, the company uses ones that are free from any additional hormones or antibiotics. Occasionally, if an item is out of stock or the price doesn’t make it viable for the company, you may not always receive the exact same product although the company does have a policy of using the best ingredients and food items.


What consumers really like about ordering from Magic Kitchen is that you’re not locked into having to buy a complete meal. You’re allowed to choose only the items that you want to have.


If you choose to use the home style choice, you can either pick the meal bundle, which comes with a choice of main entrees, or you can just go with selecting side dishes if that’s what you want.


Picking only side dishes means that you have to choose the a la carte selection when you’re ordering. Just know that if you switch any items from the standard meal bundles with your a la carte selections, you may end up paying a difference in cost for the change.


Although the menu choices are homestyle or complete, each of these can be expanded. Under the choice of homestyle, you can select your main dishes along with soups if you’d like to have that.


But you can also add some additional side items or more servings as well as desserts if you want to. The company offers something called one serving meal bundles.


This is an excellent choice for people who only want a single serving size. When you get this food, you get the meal items packaged separately. You’ll have to let these choices thaw out before you can heat them to eat.


You can also choose what’s called their 7 Complete Meal Pack. These are great choices for people who don’t have time to wait for a meal to thaw out and don’t want to spend any time getting it ready.


If you’ve seen meals with items in separate portions of a tray or carton in the frozen section of the grocery store, then you’ll have a picture of what the meal pack meals are packaged like.


These delicious but simple to make meals can be pulled from your freezer and popped into either the oven or microwave depending on the meal’s cooking directions.


These meals are great for people who want to eat healthy. Unlike store bought frozen meals, these are designed to be low in calories, salt and carbs. The company’s customer service is so fantastic that if you need special considerations in your diet, the company will work with you to help make sure your nutritional needs are met.


Magic Kitchen Is Perfect for People Who Need Special Diets


When you have special food considerations, finding healthy meals can be a struggle. Thanks to Magic Kitchen, the search for meals when you’re on a special diet is now a lot easier. The meals are carefully prepared with your special diet needs in mind.


There are some people who have to have meals that don’t have much sodium in them. You can get meals specifically made with low sodium even though they’re convenient, such as in the 7-meal selection choice.


When you have a medical condition such as diabetes, then you know that eating healthy is what’s best for long term management of the disease. You can order meals that are suited for diabetics by using Magic Kitchen’s meals for diabetics.


You’ll find these choices labeled under diabetic friendly meals. The emphasis here is on portion control, low sodium and low carb. Eating healthy, but trying to take weight off is something that propels some people to search for better meal choices.


Thanks to the portion-controlled meals offered by the service, you can lose weight without having to substitute taste. If you’re taking part in the Weight Watchers points program, Magic Kitchen makes it easy for you to keep track by labeling the meal with how many points the meal you choose counts as.


For people who struggle to gain weight, there are even options for you. You can find meals that are specially designed for senior citizens to make sure that they eat healthy.


The meals can be kept frozen for as long as three months. This service is especially helpful for elderly people who no longer want to cook for themselves or need help making better food choices.


Low carb diets with foods having as little as 9 carbs are an option as well as low fat diets. People who need to follow a heart healthy diet can find those at Magic Kitchen.


If you have to follow a renal diet or a dialysis friendly diet, the service also offers those meals as options. Consumers who are searching for gluten free meals will not be able to find that with Magic Kitchen’s meals although some choices are marked as gluten-free.


What Do the Magic Kitchen Label Codes Mean?


To make sure that the foods you’re ordering is what you want and that you’ll cook the food according to the direction, each of the foods are labeled. When you see the 1S label on a food, it means that you’re getting one serving size per package but two packages of that main food item.


The label LC means that the food is low carb and contains only 9 grams of carbohydrates for each of the 100 grams in the package. LS stands for low sodium and LF means the food is low in fat.


When you see CL on the package, it means that the food is low in cholesterol and is a heart healthy choice. The label RC means the meal is ready to cook. Meals with this label can’t simply be warmed up and will take a little longer before you can eat it.


When a meal is labeled with a V, it means it’s a vegetarian meal. However, if you’re someone who refrains from eating dairy or eggs in your vegetarian meals, you should be aware that the vegetarian meals can contain eggs or dairy. Despite the special labels to help guide you with your selection, most of the foods are microwave friendly.

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