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FRESHOLOGY Meal Delivery

FRESHOLOGY Meal Delivery

Trying to live a healthy lifestyle is the first thing to fall by the wayside when you’re tired, hungry, or stressed. Having a day where you don’t eat healthy won’t hit you with any long-term consequences.


But going for long stretches of time where you don’t eat healthy because life isn’t giving you a break will cause some health issues. Not only will you feel worse when you don’t eat right, but you can set yourself up for some serious health conditions like high blood pressure or diabetes.


Fortunately, there’s a home meal delivery service that can help you eat healthy whether you’re experiencing a down moment in your life or not. Saving time and money is always a good thing – even when life’s going great.


What the Service Is About


The company consistently creates delicious recipes for you every single week. And each week, you have the ease and joy of trying out these foods without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home.


You won’t have to fret about shopping, have to count calories or have to deal with a huge mess to clean up after you eat. Bringing fresh and wholesome food straight from its various growing location to your front door, the company uses foods that are not only good for you, but they’re hand selected with a gourmet taste.


Everything you’ll receive is completely natural and locally grown. You won’t ever have to worry about what you’re going to eat thanks to the great selection of foods you’ll be able to pick from.


With the flavors in the dishes that are sure to delight everyone, you’ll find that the temptation to eat the wrong food is drowned out by the craving for the Freshology meals.


There are some people who believe that Freshology is just another food delivery service, but it’s not. The company is committed to helping you beyond you simply getting a new shipment of food.


The choices that you make when you set up your account are designed to meet all of your healthy eating goals. So, if you’re someone who has long wanted to learn how to eat healthy, this service is right for you.


With the foods that you’ll get delivered to you, you’ll be able to conquer - not only unhealthy eating habits - but the process of getting started on a journey to a brand new you.


Sure, there are other meal delivery companies, but you don’t want to settle for just having meals delivered to you when you get an entire change in your lifestyle.


One of the reasons that people consistently eat foods that keep them from having the life that they want is that it’s so inconvenient to try to consume healthy foods.


Not only does it entail regular trips to the grocery store, but there can sometimes be a big struggle trying to find in season fruits and vegetables. Or, the ones that you do find look so pathetic and shriveled, they hardly look appetizing.


You won’t have that problem with Freshology. Every meal is chosen with in season ingredients that are brimming with freshness and flavor. And they show up on your doorstep, ready to cook!


The Cost of Freshology Helping with Your Life Goals


The service offers many different health benefits. If you’re someone who has been looking to change your life and get fit, then one of the programs can be custom tailored to match those needs.


Eating the healthy choices Freshology offers can give you more energy and help you be able to sleep better at night. You’ll also gain a self-esteem boost and have more confidence as your body becomes leaner and your clothes fit better.


But besides the outward changes, you’ll also be able to manage or stave off conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes and a higher heart attack risk. The cost for the Freshology Meal Delivery service is a little higher than other services.


However, because their focus is on gourmet foods combined with eating healthy while losing weight, it’s worth the extra cost. Each of the programs that you can choose from are divided into a 2, 3, or 4-week selection and the prices for each will vary depending on the weekly choice you make.


The Accelerated Weight Loss program will cost $49.95 each day for two weeks, $47.95 every day for three weeks and $45.95 per day for four weeks.


The Standard Weight Loss program costs $47.95 each day for two weeks, $44.95 every day for three weeks and $42.95 for four weeks.


The Fitness & Performance program is $54.95, $49.95 or $47.95 and those are broken down by 2, 3 or 4 week choices.


If you want the Healthy Gourmet option, then you pay $47.95 for two weeks, $44.95 for three weeks, or $42.95 for four weeks.


On the Gluten Free program, the costs for 2, 3, or 4 weeks are $49.95, $47.95 or $45.95.


For people who want the Vegetarian Program, you also have the 2, 3 or 4-week option and your costs will be $47.95, $44.95 Or $42.95.


The New Mom program is a little more expensive because you’re getting more meals in your deliveries. You still get to choose from a 2, 3 or 4-week plan and the costs are $54.95, $49.95 or $47.95.


Choosing the Low Cholesterol Program will be $47.95, $44.95 or $42.95 depending on whether you choose the 2, 3, or 4-week option.


Shipping isn’t free and the cost is $35 for each shipment that you have sent out to your house. Also, men will pay an additional $2 more per day for some of these meals since they’re getting more food.

The Program Choices


Another great mark in Freshology’s favor is that they have a wide choice when it comes to the kind of eating plan you want to get started with. When you first sign on to the service, you’ll see several options that you can select.


Each of these options are based on what it is that you want out of life. Each of their programs are categorized under weight loss & fitness, healthy lifestyle and specialty menus.


Under the weight loss & fitness, choice, you have options broken into accelerated weight loss, standard weight loss and fitness & performance. As you look through the choices, you decide which one you want to take based on what your goals are.


If you want a healthier lifestyle and want to lose weight, then you would find that under the accelerated option. What this choice is designed to do is to get your metabolism to rev up so it can aid in your weight loss.


The company does this by sending you meals that are designed to get you to lose weight - even if you’ve struggled before. These meals are based on ingredients and food items that don’t contain a lot of carbohydrates.


Instead of high carb meals like you might have normally been eating that kept you from losing weight, these meals contain items such as low fats, plenty of vegetables and lean proteins.


As with any meal plan - when you’re trying to lose weight, you need to make sure that you’re still taking steps to keep healthy, such as making sure that you have a regular exercise routine.


You also need to make sure you’re getting the recommended daily water allotment and getting plenty of rest at night. Not getting the sleep that you need can sabotage your weight loss effort.


How the Program Choices Work


The Accelerated Weight Loss program was created to help men and women with their diet and weight loss needs by giving them a pre-made menu for fewer carbs and calories.


Proteins, veggies and healthy fat foods take the place of fattening carbs. You’ll receive your meals based on the schedule that you line up. You can choose whether you want a five or a seven-day delivery for the meals.


The menu items for the Accelerated Weight Loss processes through a 4-week cycle and the calorie content of the meals will depend on what gender you are. On this plan, you’ll receive breakfast, lunch and dinner.


You also get a snack and men get an additional snack. The meals for women are geared toward calories that are between 1150-1350 per meal. For the men, that calorie content for the food is between 1300-1600.


The Standard Weight Loss is the option that you would select if you’re looking for a steady weight loss program. Selecting this one is for people who know that they’re going to want to lose weight steadily over a long period of time.


What this choice does is it provides all of the meals that you’ll need to keep up a steady weight loss. It also helps once you reach your goal weight because the meals can keep your weight at a consistent level.


One of the things that can happen when people reach their targeted weight goal is that they then blow off healthy eating and just eat whatever they want. Then before you know it, the weight has crept right back on and maybe even a few extra pounds as well.


By deciding that you want meal management, you won’t have to worry about this happening. You’ll be able to lose weight and keep it off thanks to the meals that are perfectly portioned and are low in calories.


You’ll be able to dine on lean meats, fruits and vegetables - and whole grain that will help keep you feeling full so you won’t constantly battle the munchies. As an added plus, you also get to indulge yourself in desserts on this plan.


Even though the desserts look great and taste even better, they’re created with weight loss in mind. So you can enjoy the taste and forget the guilt. This plan is the best one to choose if you want to lose weight, manage your weight or just concentrate on a healthier eating lifestyle.


This option can also be delivered 5 or 7 days a week. On this plan, women receive meals that are between 1150 to 1400 calories while men receive meals that are between 1550-1850.


If you select the Fitness and Performance option, it should be because you need a higher calorie content. This choice is for people who burn a higher number of calories and fat during the week.


It’s a program that’s especially helpful for people who are into fitness training because it offers the nutrition and proteins you need to build muscle. On this plan, you’ll receive meals that consist of breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


But you also get 3 snacks as well as dessert. The calorie content for this choice is between 1800-2000 and doesn’t differentiate between a program for women and one for men.


The Healthy Gourmet choice is also a portion-controlled option. This is for people who prefer not to face the stress of grocery shopping and planning but still want to eat healthy.


It can be used for weight management. This plan offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. In addition, you also get dessert and men receive a snack bar as well. The calorie content for these meals is between 1150-1400 for women and between 1550-1850 for men.


If you prefer, you also have the option of choosing from the company’s specialty menus. This option is broken down into categories like gluten free, vegetarian, new mom and low cholesterol.


The gluten free selection is for people who can’t tolerate gluten in their diet, but still want to eat right, take off some weight, or are looking to manage their weight long term.


The meals on this menu can help with that. They’re portion controlled and nutritionally sound. The calorie content of these meals range from 1150 to 1450 for women and 1350 to 1700 for men.


You’ll receive breakfast, lunch, dinner and a dessert. Men receive an additional snack. The Vegetarian program is for people who don’t want to consume meat in their food choices but still want meals brimming with gourmet taste.


This program can help with losing weight, maintaining it or eating a healthy lifestyle. It offers Pescatarian menus as well. On this program, your delivery will contain breakfast, lunch, dinner and a dessert.


Men receive a snack bar in this program. When you have a baby, the nutritional demands on your body rise. The New Mom program was designed so that women who recently gave birth or who are nursing will be able to enjoy great food that offers balanced meals that are rich in nutrition.


This plan also eliminates foods that aren’t best for new or nursing mothers. You’ll get breakfast, lunch and dinner with this plan. But you also get 3 snacks as well as a tasty dessert.


The calorie content ranges from 1800-2000. The Low Cholesterol program is for people who need to keep their cholesterol in check or who are concerned about making sure they eat meals that promote heart health.


Using this program, people can lose weight or maintain a steady weight if that’s their goal. This plan gives participants breakfast, lunch, dinner and a dessert. All of the Freshology options are tasty and healthy – you just have to decide what your goals are and choose the program that best represents your needs.

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