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BLUE APRON Meal Delivery

BLUE APRON Meal Delivery

People tend to be creatures of habit - even when it comes to the foods that they eat. Most households have a set number of recipes and they use those same recipes over and over again.


Not only can boredom set in, but when you get stuck in a food rut, it’s more tempting to run out and buy fast food – making you spend more and consume more calories, too.


Trying to make dinner when you’re not happy with the choices, when you really don’t know what to cook and when you’re tired and hate grocery shopping can be grueling. Luckily, there’s a company you can turn to so that you can change the way meal times are handled.


How Blue Apron Meal Delivery Works


Blue Apron is a meal delivery service that can help alleviate food boredom as well as take the fuss out of cooking. Depending on to the plan that you choose, you’ll receive boxes for the meals on a weekly basis.


There is no charge for the box delivery - all you pay for is the food. What’s exciting about the food menus that this company offers is that the selection is so vast, you won’t get the same recipe within an entire year.


You get to pick when you want the food brought to your home and it can still be delivered even if you’re not there to receive it. You won’t have to worry about the food spoiling during delivery or after because it comes in a refrigerated box and the ice packs keep everything cold.


The meal delivery service brings you exactly what you need to make the meal. All of the food items, including the spices and herbs, are already included. You won’t have to worry about measuring anything out or going on a hunt for an ingredient.


You will have to cut up or fix whatever the meal calls for. Each of the meals has large recipe cards included with pictures showing the meal and listing each ingredient as well as each step involved.


There are also interactive videos that you can watch if you need to see how the recipe is prepared. There are cooking videos available on the site that you can use as tutorials to help learn your way around a kitchen, too.


This is especially helpful for those who aren’t comfortable with their cooking knowledge or for those who want to learn more. Each of the meals is designed to be quick and simple, though tasty and healthy.


The meals are also helpful when it comes to calorie counting, since each meal has a count of between 500 to 800 calories. The items that you get in the box are always fresh and you won’t have to worry about things like antibiotic or hormone injected meat.


If you’re going out of town or don’t want a delivery for the week, changing the schedule is simple. All you have to do is log into your account and input the information in the delivery schedule option.


The delivery schedule is also where you can check to see which recipes with meal ingredients that you’ll be getting in your next shipment.


What It Costs to Use Blue Apron Meal Delivery


The cost to use the Blue Apron Meal Delivery will vary depending on the plan that you decided to pick. In addition to there not being any delivery fees, there are also no maintenance, administrative, or membership fees.


One of the options is the one for two people. Using the 2-Person plan sets you up for getting one box a week. Inside the box, you’ll get three different meals to make.


The recipe cards will be included along with all of the food items. Each of these items will be packaged according to portion size. You get to choose the way the recipes are selected by the company when you select your preferences on what you prefer to eat.


When you pick this plan, you’ll have a choice of three different recipes that will be geared toward whatever food types you’ve pre-selected. The cost for this plan is less than ten dollars per serving.


For only $9.99, you’ll get the three different meals, which means that your weekly cost will be $59.94. The company also offers a family plan. This plan is what you’d want to choose if you have a larger group of people to feed (like houseguests) or if you have kids.


The recipes for the meals that you’ll receive in this box plan includes ones that kids are sure to like. The serving sizes will feed a family of four and you’ll receive two different recipes per week.


That averages out to a cost of $8.74 for each member of a four-person family bringing your total weekly expenditure to $69.92. Under the family plan, you do have a second option.


Instead of receiving two recipes a week, you can opt to choose the plan that offers four recipes each week. If you choose that plan, the price per person remains the same at the $8.74 and the total cost ends up being $139.84.


The meals on the family plan are also geared toward the food preferences that you pre-selected. If you choose to receive the larger supply, they’ll be divided into two separate boxes.


You can have these boxes brought to your house on separate days or you can have them arrive as you want them on different deliveries. Some families choose to receive the first box at the beginning of the week and then have the second box brought to them at the end of the week.


Once you sign up for the service, you won’t be locked into any set amount of deliveries. You can opt out at any time as long as you do it before a package is already scheduled.


What Signing Up with Blue Apron Can Do for You


The company has surpassed its projected goals within the first year of operation. The reason that the company has experienced such phenomenal growth is because it hit upon three things that affect all consumers when it comes to making meals.


Those three things are lack of time, stress, and convenience. Because everyone is so busy, eating healthy, nutritious food often falls by the wayside. It’s faster to grab something out at a restaurant or pick up fast food than it is to make it yourself.


That’s packing on 32% more calories – and unwelcome side effect to getting takeout. And if you don’t use a meal delivery service, then you have to do all of the leg work when it comes to preparing meals – including thinking up meals, grocery shopping, prepping and cooking them.


You have to write out the list that you need to take to the store with you. Then you have to physically drive to the store, find a parking space and battle the crowds inside the store.


You have to select each item that you need for the recipe that you’re making. Then you have to stand in line, cart everything out, load it into your car and then unload it once you get home.


If the store is out, then you have to add an additional stop to your already busy schedule or you have to go with meal plan B instead - which adds additional chore time to your day.


When people are short on time, the pressure of trying to get everything done mounts and in turn, the stress level rises. This is why you have people snapping at each other and cashiers in the grocery store.


It’s why you have impatient drivers in a rush to get where they need to go. What Blue Apron has done with their delivery service is they’ve removed the middle man from the shopping equation.


That middle man is you. All of the leg work for the meal is done for you. By tapping into the meal delivery niche, the company has found a way to bust stress, give you back valuable time and allow you to have great tasting meals when you want them.


Not only that, but signing up for a meal plan with the company also cuts down on individual packaging waste since you get everything you need together in one box.


You also cut down on food waste since you get an exact portion size. So no more wasted leftovers cluttering up the refrigerator. And no more overeating with supersized portions restaurants offer.


Who the Blue Apron Service Is Best For


Blue Apron’s meals are designed to accommodate almost anyone. Regardless of your age or taste in food, you’ll be able to find something you’ll love to eat from the meal delivery service.


The service is better suited for some people than for others. For people who would like to eat great tasting food but not spend a lot of money, using Blue Apron can save money over the cost of DIY meal buying.


Studies have shown that most people who shop for meals never stick to exactly what’s on their ingredient list. The average shopper overspends by $10 to $20 for every trip they make to the store.


People who want to save time, especially those who would rather spend their energy and focus on things other than shopping and meal planning, can benefit from the delivery service.


While you can’t buy time, you can buy the convenience that will give you more time during your week. When you’re busy, you need to prioritize what gets done and if there’s a way that someone else can help with what you have to take care of, then it’s well worth the cost.


If you’re someone who doesn’t enjoy the entire cooking process, then you’ll want to sign up for Blue Apron. While it’s true that you do receive recipe cards and you’ll be hands on with preparing the meals, it removes the guesswork.


Past meal failures and not being sure how to cook are two of the biggest reasons that people don’t like cooking. But when the hard work is done for you, you’ll experience the joy of cooking again.


A huge plus with this meal delivery service is that it allows you to eat healthy regardless of what your life looks like. Instead of having to grab something and hope it’s good for you, you’ll have on hand what you need to make right at home.


Because the meals can be made quickly and ready for the table in minutes, it will cut down on what you spend eating out at restaurants as well as the unhealthy food choices you might make otherwise.


As people get older, sometimes nutrition can fall by the wayside. Seniors aren’t too fond of battling the shopping store crowd, plus having to deal with getting the food supplies can be difficult if you have any mobility limitations.


With the food brought right to the door and everything already to go, seniors can enjoy a healthier way of eating. Single people love the meal delivery service because the food you’ll find at grocery stores are rarely packaged with a single person in mind.


You have to buy more food than you can eat and some of it inevitably goes to waste. By choosing the lower plan, you get meals that portioned for a single serving size, which translates into less money and less waste.


Couples enjoy the service because on the two-person plan, you have meals that are simple enough for either of you to make and you won’t be stuck in the kitchen making huge batches of food.


Families enjoy the family size meal plan and the way it introduces their kids to new recipes. There are some special considerations for getting the meals. If you’re a vegetarian, you can sign up for the service with your vegetarian preferences and the meals will be sent to you that will match up to your eating lifestyle.


If you know someone who’s struggling to come up with different meals, you can introduce them to Blue Apron by giving them a gift plan ranging from one week to four weeks.


What You Can Get at Blue Apron


You get top quality foods that come from family run farms and other businesses. The ingredients are always fresh, always wholesome and healthy. The meals that you get are so plentiful, you won’t see the same thing over and over again so you’ll always have something new to look forward to.


The service offers foods like catfish and cod meals, turkey meatballs, salmon rolls or cheddar cheeseburgers. You can receive seared steak or pan seared chicken meal plans.


There are delicious pork recipes, pizza or quesadillas. You can have pasta, summer squash or gnocchi. Stir fry is on the menu along with salads, calzones, enchiladas, fettucine and the list goes on.


Your taste buds will be in for a treat with each meal that you try from Blue Apron. If you’re someone who likes to enjoy wine with dinner, you can get that, too, depending on where you live.


By signing up for their wine delivery along with the meals, you’ll get six bottles of wine per month. These 500 ml bottles will delight you and the cost is amazingly low at only $10 for each bottle.


Because the company recognizes that great cooking needs great tools, you can purchase kitchen aids as part of their service as well. There are prep bowls that you can buy as well as utensils that are most often needed.


Pans such as the nonstick 2 person plan 11” pan can help make preparing the meals a snap. There are chef knife sets available along with a large maple cutting board that makes chopping and dicing easier than ever before.


Binders and recipe card holders will help you keep everything neat and handy as you cook. Try one of the delicious meal plans today and introduce yourself to the love of cooking.


Blue Apron is one of the top meal service delivery options on the market. It has a rabid fan base who love devouring the meals brought to their doorsteps each and every week.


This is the perfect plan for people who want to take a break from the time-stealing process of shopping and planning and just whip up delicious, healthy meals with the right portion sizes.

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