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28 Content Marketing Tips and Ideas

1.    Go through your old material, asking yourself: "Would this make a strong infographic?" When your answer is "yes," create one.

2.    To paraphrase Oscar Wilde, sing a song only your target visitor can hear.

3.    Don't just ask yourself what your ideal reader's biggest problem is - ask your ideal reader.

20 Tips on Content Monetization

1.    All the content monetization in the world won't help if your content doesn't hook into your readers' needs or emotions.

2.    Talk directly to your intended reader as if you were having coffee together - don't "write".

3.    Create a review site if you have many similar affiliate products you want to write about. (People are always looking for reviews.)

30 Niche Marketing ideas and Tips

1.    Niche marketing is knowing who you're writing for and who wants to pay.

2.    Remember there may be related niches you're overlooking. Listen to niche member chatter for clues.

3.    If you want to tap into online dating successfully, understand what has changed about it the last year or so.

50 Information Product Creation and Marketing Tips

1.    To Create Your First Info Product Get Started Now, Not Tomorrow

2.    Is Perfectionism Stopping You from Creating Your First Info Product?

3.    What do you know? Share it with others by creating an information product.

4.    What do you want to know? Learn, research, share with others by creating an information product.

30 Tips on Finding a Profitable Niche

1.    When choosing a profitable niche, look for one where participants are not just active, but also willing to spend money.

2.    It doesn't matter whether or not you're experienced in a niche - you should at least have a lively interest in it.

3.    The grass is not always greener - make sure you are already giving 110% to the niche you're in before looking for a new one.

30 Tips on Creating an Authority Site

1.    Number one when creating an authority site: Post regularly, often - and consistently. And to do this, create a schedule!

2.    Want to create an authority site?  Ask people to share your content - and leave a comment.

3.    If you want your site to become an authority site, first be heard - and have something with impact to say.

30 Tips on Establishing Authority Through Publishing a Book

1.    The question shouldn't be "why publish a book?" It should be "why ever wouldn't you publish a book?"

2.    Books automatically brand you as an expert. And that goes for eBooks nowadays, as well as hard copy books.

3.    Don't just write a book if you want to establish authority: Write a good book - original content, good editing and helpful ideas.

30 Tips on Connecting with Influencers in Your Market

1.    Connect with industry influencers on a local level, as well as online. Join local business organizations - and participate.

2.    "Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds that you plant." - Robert Louis Stevenson

3.    If you want to connect with niche influencers, put lots of thought into each one's audience and its needs.

30 Tips On Getting Media Exposure

1.    If you want to get media exposure, give it to your niche peers, clients and competitors.

2.    To gain more media exposure, put on a workshop if you have a local business, or a webinar or teleseminar, if online.

3.    Don't forget the lowly press release, if you want to grab media attention.

30 Tips on How to Stand Out In Your Niche

1.    Copying others will always make you one of a crowd; to stand out in your niche, you have to find something original to say.

2.    Find a mentor or a coach. They will help you see things about yourself you take for granted, and push you to the next level.

3.    When you think you've got the formula right for pleasing your subscribers, always kick it up a notch with a better formula.

Fast Track Information Product Publishing Brainstorming Worksheet

Product Planning

I have researched my audience and identified the top problems and questions they have. I can use this information to create multiple products. They are:

1.    _____________________________________________________________________
2.    _____________________________________________________________________
3.    _____________________________________________________________________

For this information product, I'm going to focus my attention on this problem:

Fast Track Information Product Publishing Checklist

Information products are a great way to boost your income and thoroughly establish yourself as an expert in your niche. Use this checklist to help you make sure that you haven't overlooked any part of publishing your information product.

I have researched my audience and created a list of their questions, problems, wants, needs, and motivations.


Fast Track Information Product Publishing Detailed Checklist and Brainstorming Sheet

Information products are a great way to boost your income and thoroughly establish yourself as an expert in your niche. Use this detailed checklist and brainstorming sheet, and they will help you avoid missing any part of publishing your information product from idea through the creation process to marketing.

Brainstorming Checklist
One of the most important aspects of creating your information product is the brainstorming process. You need to know how to brainstorm the information product in an organized way so that you come out of a brainstorming session with an idea.


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