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Reversing Hair Loss

Reversing Hair Loss

One of the most frustrating parts of aging is seeing the physical changes that begin to take place.  Hair loss can be a major problem related to aging for both men and women. 


But in this day and age, there are many ways you can work to reverse hair loss.  First, it helps to understand why hair loss happens as you get older. Then you can choose a treatment that best suits your personal preferences.


Understanding Age Related Hair Loss


Hair loss can be caused by many different things.  What often happens with your own hair will be familiar to you because you’ve seen it in your own family.  There are strong genetic factors that can be linked to hair loss.


Hair loss can also be a result of changes in hormones, drugs, injuries, illnesses, and cosmetic procedures that go wrong.  Your diet may also affect your hair growth and loss.


As you get older, one or more of these factors may contribute to your own hair loss.  If you’ve noticed that you’re losing your hair, it’s important to first speak with your healthcare provider to figure out what might be causing this issue for you.


Your doctor may run some blood tests to check your sex hormones, thyroid function, and nutritional deficiencies.  You may also discuss genetics, injuries, and medications that you’re taking.


It’s impossible to know how to reverse your hair loss if you don’t know the root cause of the problem.  But once you understand the cause, you can form a plan of action.


Medical Options for Reversing Hair Loss


After you’ve figured out the cause of your hair loss, there are often medical options for reversing the thinning and balding process.  Let’s take a look at some of the most common options.


Addressing Deficiencies 

If you’re having hormone problems or problems related to your thyroid, medication can often be used to control those.  You may also discover that you have a nutritional deficiency that can be relieved through supplements.

For example, anemia often causes hair loss.  By taking an iron supplement regularly you can reverse this condition and the hair loss that goes along with it. 



Minoxidil is a drug that’s used to treat hair loss in both men and women.  It’s available without a prescription and is often found in topical formulas and shampoos.  This treatment is helpful for typical genetic male and female pattern baldness.



There is one medication currently being used to treat hair loss called Finasteride.  This medication helps men to experience hair regrowth by blocking a hormone that leads to hair loss.


You have to have a prescription for this medication.  It’s important to discuss possible side effects with your healthcare provider before taking it. 


Laser Treatment 

New laser devices are on the market that can help to stimulate the hair follicles and reverse hair loss.  Many physicians are offering this service for hair loss and finding good results.


Hair Transplantation 

Some people choose to undergo hair transplantation to restore hair growth in specific areas of the scalp.  An area of your scalp with strong hair growth is removed and transplanted to areas that need hair. 


This procedure can be effective, but does have side effects as any surgery does. It can also be quite expensive and is considered a cosmetic procedure that isn’t covered by health insurance.


There’s a company called Follica that has a procedure which has already breezed through clinical trials and it poised to be available to consumers soon. It involves a procedure where they peel your scalp back and put your cells back to a stem state, which causes them to re-grow hair!


It’s worked in both mice and humans; it was reported to a publication called The Scientist. So, this is one reversal that’s on the horizon if traditional anti-aging efforts for baling and thinning don’t work.


Natural Solutions


While the medical community offers some helpful solutions, there are several natural things you can do that will help reverse hair loss.  You may find some helpful tips that will get your hair growing again.


Treat Hair Gently

One cause of hair loss is rough treatment.  Rubber bands, hair coloring, and perms can all cause your hair to become weaker and lead to hair loss – especially as you get older.


Washing your hair less often and using products that are gentler can help your hair get a chance to grow again.  You can also use brushes made from horsehair that are gentler than plastic or metal brushes.



Improving your nutrition can often improve hair growth.  Eating at least two or three servings of protein and four or five servings of dairy can greatly increase hair growth if you have a protein deficiency.


Eating fruits and vegetables can also give you the nutrients you need to fight the oxidative effects of aging.  You may also find that zinc and biotin supplements can provide you with hair growth.


Herbal Supplements 

There are a few herbal supplements that can help with hair loss.  Saw palmetto has been reported to reverse hair loss for both men and women.  Biotin and fish oil can also improve hair thickness as well as fingernail strength and luster when taken regularly. 


You can also massage rosemary essential oil into your scalp by adding it to your favorite shampoo or coconut oil. Taking minerals such as zinc and silica can also help to restore natural hair growth.  These are all available at health food stores and retailers that specialize in vitamins and herbs.


Cosmetic Choices


If you’re unsuccessful at reversing hair loss, you still have options for looking your best and maintaining a youthful appearance. 



Many men find that they actually look more youthful by shaving off their hair rather than trying to grow it longer or part it further to the side for a comb over.  This is a great choice for men experiencing hair loss.


Hair Pieces and Wigs 

Both men and women can benefit from hair pieces and wigs that give the appearance of natural hair.   This works best if you visit a professional who specializes in designing hair pieces.


Volumizing Hair Products 

There are several hair products on the market that will help hair look like it has more volume than it does.  This can be a good solution if your hair is thinning, but you’re not balding.


Scalp Products 

There are also products on the market that help color the scalp so that patches of skin aren’t visible through the hair. These are usually sprayed onto the head to help mask baldness.


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