Give Away Free Reports To Create Rabid Fans and Ramp Up Sales

learn to earn information marketing series

What happens if you toss a sales page in front of a targeted audience?

You make some sales if your offer and sales copy are both good. But it's also likely that up to 98% or even 99% of your prospects will leave the sales page without hitting the "buy now" button.

That's pretty dismal, isn't it? But the good news is, you can improve your conversion rate. And one good way to do that is by creating a free pre-sell report.

As the name implies, this is a report that you give away to your prospects as means of warming them up to the idea of buying your product. It tends to work well for two reasons.

1.    Your prospects drop their defenses. Because you're giving your prospects a valuable report and not a sales letter, they tend to drop their "advertising" defenses. That means they'll read your report with an open mind. And by the time they get to the end, they'll be open to your suggestions.

2.    Your report demonstrates value. This is a benefit no matter what kind of product you're selling. But it's especially important when you're selling information products. That's because anyone who is impressed with the information you're giving away for FREE is going to assume that your paid information is even better.

As you can see, pre-sell reports are powerful tools.

So now it's time you learned how to harness this power for yourself. And that's exactly what you'll learn how to do inside this exciting report. You're about to learn:


  • What kind of pre-sell report works best. Hint: it depends on what you're selling.

  • How to write your report. You'll learn five different angles you can use to impress your prospects and warm them up to the idea of buying your product or service.

  • How to create a call to action that gets your prospects clicking through to your sales page.

Let's get started…

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