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Which ever way you look at it, that's a huge amount of content, and as we all know "Content Is King".

Here's What Each Of Your PLR Products Come With...

  • MS Word - Allows you to easily customize the product with your own links and graphics. Can be edited with both Microsoft Word and Open Office (Free Program).

  • MS Word - Can be opened with newer versions of MS Office. This format also allows you to easily customize the product with your own affiliate links and graphics if you wish.

  • Open Office - This is a free word processor alternative to Microsoft Word, you can now edit the text source documents without any need for MS Word.

  • Rich Text Format - Cross platform compatibility with other types of non Microsoft and Open Office word processors, and is supported by just about every word processor.

  • PDF file of the eBook makes it a walk in the park to start selling the product instantly. This format is compatible with both PC's and MAC's.

  • PSD The FULL Photoshop Layered Source Graphic Files for the ecovers. Supplied as 3 x 2D and 3 x 3D versions (box file standing, paperback standing, paperback flat). 490 PSD's.

  • PNG image files - 7 different sizes of eCover supplied as paperback standing, paperback flat, and box file standing. 21 PNG's per product, transparent background. 1470 in total.

  • JPG image files - 7 different sizes of the eCover supplied as paperback standing, paperback flat, and box file standing. 21 JPG's per product, white background. 1470 in total.

  • Brander - Each product has a number of brandable ClickBank links that can be branded with your affiliate link. Run the executable brander, and it spits out the branded PDF file.


Not Only Do All of These Products Come With


MONETIZE Every Product in Seconds with a Few Clicks!


You know how most marketers brand their PLR ebooks with affiliate links so they can generate income from them? First they carefully research just the right products, then they spend time inserting contextual links into the content where they make the most sense.


Well.... we've done all that for you in these packs. The appropriate affiliate products have already been selected for each doc and the links have been inserted into the text. So... all you have to do is brand them with your Clickbank ID.


And... of course, we've got you covered there as well with our simple PDF branding tool that comes with each pack of products. You click it open, select an ebook, insert your ID, change the name (if you want), click 'OK' and you are done. Doesn't get much easier than that! As with our 'One and Done' Profit Packs and viral Social Media Portfolios, our goal is to make things as easy as possible for you to succeed in info-marketing.


01.   PLR Products 01-10        Download

02.   PLR Products 11-20        Download

03.   PLR Products 21-30        Download

04.   PLR Products 31-40        Download

05.   PLR Products 41-50        Download

06.   PLR Products 51-60        Download

07.   PLR Products 61-70        Download

08.   PLR Products 71-80        Download

09.   PLR Products 81-90        Download

10.   PLR Products 91-100      Download



01.   PLR Products 01-10        Download

02.   PLR Products 11-20        Download

03.   PLR Products 21-30        Download

04.   PLR Products 31-40        Download

05.   PLR Products 41-50        Download


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