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What Does Having a Soulmate Feel Like?

What Does Having a Soulmate Feel Like?

A soulmate is defined as someone with whom you have deep feelings of partnership, including comfort, compatibility, love and trust. You may also have strong sexual or spiritual feelings for a soulmate and want to spend the rest of your life with this person.


If you’re lucky enough to find a soulmate in your lifetime, you should consider yourself fortunate. But it takes more than luck these days to find someone who might fit that description for you.


You might have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince or princess. In this age of social media and technology that can bring people from all over the world into your living room via computer or other device, it seems that it would be easier than ever to find that person you want to spend the rest of your life with.


But there are also problems connected with having the world of dating brought to you. There are so many soulmate possibilities to initially choose from you might become confused - or scammed - or it might take you forever to weed out the good ones.


You’ll know you’ve found your soulmate when you notice special signs that exist between you. For example, you may finish each other’s sentences or simply know by a look or mannerism what your partner is attempting to communicate.


You’re each comfortable with each other from the time you first meet. Being honest and vulnerable without fear that the other is judging you is paramount in soulmates. You may not see every issue or challenge the same, but you should have the same values and ambitions in life.


Learn everything you can about the search process for finding a soulmate today, know what you’re looking for and know what your deal breakers are. There are certain characteristics of every soulmate that will make you know you’ve found the one.


You Get to Maintain a Sense of Self


Your true soulmate will never attempt to change who you are. If you go into a relationship with confidence and happiness about whom you are and the other person begins to finds faults and constantly wants you to change – s/he is not the one.


When you find yourself beginning to believe the person’s vitriol as s/he tries to change you or erode your self-confidence, you’re giving away your personal power and letting h/her control you.


The person who’s manipulating you will feel great about how things are going, but for you it can be tragic. This form of self-betrayal can be heart-breaking and you may lose confidence in your ability to find a true soulmate.


Don’t give up. The person exists that will make you feel more alive than you ever have and ready to take on the world. As soon as you begin to feel less-than or uncertain about yourself because of something that was said or done, stop in your tracks and reassess your relationship.


Have a heart-to-heart talk, but if the feelings continue, take back your power by getting out of the relationship and know that this person is definitely not your soulmate. Too often, we get caught up in the excitement and enthusiasm of the beginning of the relationship and we don’t concentrate as much on what’s really going on between you.


The initial feelings can be powerful at first, but are destined to wane in the future because you’re not paying attention to the underlying messages. If your partner hits you, keeps you from your family and friends, is obsessive about where you are and what you’re doing and uses words and actions to make you feel you’re not important and loved – leave now.


It’s extremely rare for a person with a narcissistic personality to change. It’s best for you to shut down the relationship immediately before you get caught up in trying to change the person or to understand him/her.


The person you choose as your soulmate should have the ability to build you up, not bring you down – to nurture you and strengthen your sense of self and always increases confidence in yourself by words and deeds.


Constant Suspicions Are Laid to Rest


No longer do you need to worry about cheating because, deep in your heart-of-hearts, you know the person is true to you. And, you’ll no longer have to worry and keep asking if something is wrong or if he or she is happy.


You won’t need to question yourself about the decision to enter into this relationship. You know you’re not missing out on someone better – because you know you’ve got the best person for you.


When suspicions are finally laid to rest in a true soulmate relationship, you no longer live in fear that you’re not enough or feel a lack of trust. And, you won’t be looking at others and wondering if you made the right decision on your partner.


The answer will be clear – you were both meant for each other and you’ll know it. If you don’t know it for sure, step back and take another look. When you see it in a new light and know it isn’t really what you want, don’t waste time.


Get out of the relationship. When you’re excited and the love you feel for another person feels effortless, you’ll know you’ve found Mr. or Mrs. Right. Be completely honest and straightforward to show h/her that you’re reliable, dependable and responsible.


Without complete trust of each other, there’s the risk of second-guessing what s/he means with words or reactions. You may also find yourself neurotically keeping tabs on the other person and even expecting that s/he will betray you.


Lack of trust may cause you to check his/her emails, texts and social media sites to track what he’s doing and saying to others. The best solution to lack of trust is to talk it over with the person and tell him/her of your concerns.


Together, you can find a suitable way to put the doubts aside and continue to enjoy your relationship. Trust in the other person should also involve being able to tell him/her confidential information and have complete confidence that s/he won’t share it with others.


You should also make it a point not to disclose confidential information your partner discloses. Trust is one of the most important building blocks of you and your soulmate’s relationship because it leads to the ultimate strength in the partnership – respect.


The Spark Never Dies


Those wonderful feelings you get when butterflies play in your stomach and the excitement when you see your soulmate are part of the fun of being in love. Those feelings should never die – it might ebb and flow, but it will never completely go away.


Even the best of relationship fires need some kindling once in a while. That means you need to guard against indifference in a relationship. At first everything is new and exciting and it’s difficult to understand how this heart-racing happiness could evolve into familiarity and discontent.


When you have a true soulmate, the spark doesn’t actually die, but turns into something rare and wonderful. You sincerely have feelings of love and respect for your soulmate and are attracted to him/her, but there are also feelings of security and a connection you don’t feel with anyone else.


There’s a danger in becoming so complacent with the new feelings of connectedness in your relationship that you may let the fun of spontaneity and passion subside. All the energy and passion that once were the highlights of your relationship can become secondary to the unique feelings you once shared.


Assess your relationship for the danger signs and give some thought to how you felt at the beginning to how you feel now. It’s particularly important for you to hang on to your individuality and not get lost in your partner’s personality.


Your partner will also retain his/her sense of individuality and you will be attracted to him/her not as an extension of yourself, but as the independent and attractive person you fell in love with.


This will keep the relationship fresh, interesting and exciting. A surefire way to let the fires die in a relationship is to feel a comfort level with the person that makes you let yourself go in ways that makes you lose the self-confidence and vivacity you once felt.


You may gain weight, begin to drink more, develop bad habits or engage in other things that are unhealthy for the relationship. Eventually, no matter how you feel about the other person, s/he will begin to pull away and the relationship will falter and die.


Remember the fun you used to share by engaging in activities you both enjoy? Routine in the relationship may cause you to lose interest in taking part in the things you used to enjoy with your partner. Taking his/her passions and interests into consideration is a loving thing to do and will keep the fires burning.


There’s a Mutual Respect and Comfort Level


True soulmates have an unshakable respect and comfort level for each other. You experience a calmness and security in the relationship that makes you confident about confiding and revealing your innermost thoughts to him/her.


There’s no doubt that you’re both in a lifetime relationship and no matter what happens, you’ll be there for each other. You may not always agree with or appreciate your soulmate’s traits and opinions, but you’re a pair and that means taking on the world together.


Your beliefs can be different than that of your soulmate, but you also need to find things in common and keep an open mind to the other’s likes, dislikes and what s/he believes. A soulmate may open your mind to may new discoveries and ways of doing things.


Feed off of each other’s knowledge and background to give you a different perspective on life. And, you should respect your soulmate’s needs and put them ahead of your own when necessary.


You will allow yourself to listen to suggestions and ideas from a soulmate, but should never let him/her views overpower your own. Acceptance of your partner’s way of doing things, even if they’re different from your own, will give you the courage needed to stay connected to your own beliefs and value system.


Confidence that the other person will never abandon you can give you the comfort in a relationship that many never have. S/he will want to share life experiences with you and can’t imagine having them with someone else.


Avoid harboring anger at all cost. Anger that isn’t addressed can leave a crack in your relationship that can become wider and you’ll be less able to fix it. Sometimes it can leave scars in your relationship that can never be overcome.


When you have the confidence and self-assurance to believe in yourself, you’ll have that same confidence to express your feelings to your partner and never let anger seep in and destroy the relationship.


Respect and comfort in a relationship is healthy, but it doesn’t mean that you should hand over your power to another person. You must respect yourself and stand up for what you believe before you can feel total respect for the other person.


Showing that you respect your partner reflects your deep feelings of love and devotion. Even though you may argue, you and your partner show that you both value each other’s opinions. Respect is freedom – freedom to express yourself. A soulmate will love and respect you even if s/he doesn’t agree.


Have self-respect too, accepting yourself for who you are, even though you know you’re not perfect. Self-respect gives you the confidence you must have to maintain a relationship with everyone in your life – especially your soulmate.


Confidence and self-respect for yourself are attractive to others and can help you find a true soulmate. Mutual respect and a comfort level that you feel for each other solidify and define a soulmate relationship.

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