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Treat Your Soulmate Search Like a Business

Treat Your Soulmate Search Like a Business

The process of finding true love can be daunting, but when you think of it as a business venture, things begin to make sense and you won’t waste as much time kissing frogs. When you interview possible candidates for your business, you want him/her to match the qualifications you set up for the job.


The others don’t count. You wouldn’t give a second or third interview with a person who obviously doesn’t qualify and whom you know you couldn’t work with for the long-term. And, you don’t stop looking for a job candidate simply because you’ve interviewed so many that didn’t qualify.


Someone out there must be qualified for the job, so you keep looking and interviewing. If your choice is to be successful, you should know everything about the job s/he is to do.


You may not know much about accounting, but you need to know what is involved so you can immediately see if your interviewee is the one for the job. Getting others whom you trust to give their opinions is a good idea.


Family and friends likely know what you’re looking for and can help you choose worthwhile candidates if you open up to them and let them in on the task. Keep an open mind and enjoy the search process.


Be Willing to Quickly Weed Out the Worst Candidates


Wasting time on those you know don’t fit the job description is a bad way to spend your time and energy. Days turn into weeks and months and years and finally you act on what you knew all along – that the person you’ve spent your valuable time with isn’t qualified to be your soulmate.


Don’t get so caught up in the chase that you forget why and what you’re looking for. Doing so can make you settle for much less than you want or deserve. It’s better to be alone for the rest of your life than to settle for someone who makes you miserable.

Too many people jump to the wrong conclusions about a soulmate – ignoring the obvious flaws. Even though they don’t see the potential they’re looking for, they become afraid that perfect person will never come along.


You may want to imagine which emoji – a frown or a happy face – you would assign to how your possible soulmate makes you feel. When you assign too many unhappy emojis to your feelings, s/he isn’t the one for you.


Some people are desperate enough to rush into a relationship and concentrate on the honeymoon phase rather than think about the future. Enjoy that early time of getting to know each other, but be wary of someone who pushes you to make a commitment before you’re ready.


Take your own time to make your own decision. Don’t be willing to devote your entire self to the other person and give up other things and people you enjoy. You will eventually regret it.


If the other person demands you give up those things, they can’t be your soulmate. Those who would stifle another’s freedom and control them for their own benefit aren’t capable of true love.


At the other side of the spectrum of being controlled, there are the people who would let you run all over them. When a person kowtows to every word you say and every suggestion you make, you’re not being empowered.


Your soulmate should think for him/her and not depend on you for his/her beliefs, wants and needs. Keeping simple things from you because s/he is afraid of your reaction should also be a deal breaker.


Even if his decision or action is something you may react negatively to, you should have the choice and the other person should be open and honest about everything. Never pursue a relationship with someone who does not value you.


Disrespect comes in many forms and you’ll begin to see a pattern that should make you uncomfortable. If you see that his friends and even family always come before you in even the simplest matters, s/he will probably never see your worth.


Dedicate Your Time to Actively Searching for a Match


It may seem like you’ve been forever dating the wrong people to find your soulmate, but don’t give up. Hope is on the horizon. You may need to change you tactics a bit and find new places or methods to meet someone, but it will happen if you’re consistent.


It’s easy to get discouraged when you’re still kissing frogs and Prince Charming isn’t appearing in any way, shape or form. You shouldn’t give up after a few – or many – tries.


Take a hard look at how you’re spending your time and energy and perhaps change a few things to make it happen. You may have a list of requirements that you use to judge everyone you meet and some are deal breakers.


Look at your list with a critical eye and see where you might be too rigid and where you might compromise. The pointers you use to choose a soulmate may not be the same now as when you first began the search.


Be willing to change your mind on small or unimportant things and then follow your heart. Although you don’t want to waste your time on those soulmate candidates you don’t think will work, don’t turn down opportunities that may turn out much better than you think it will.


Love is unpredictable and can totally surprise you. To make the time you spend searching for a soulmate worthwhile, there are some things you should do for yourself to be sure you present yourself well when your true soulmate does come along.


One thing you can do for yourself is to like yourself and be happy about the person you are. If you aren’t happy with yourself, how can another person like you? So, remove the tinted glasses and see where you can spiff yourself up and be the best you can be. You’ll have more self-confidence and be more willing to take chances to find your soulmate.


Educate Yourself on Your Search Journey


As with any new job, you’ll likely have a learning curve where you’re studying, experimenting and opening yourself up to new ways of doing things when you begin searching for your soulmate.


The process is ongoing and you should always be learning until the soulmate jackpot happens. It’s not enough anymore to just put yourself out there. There are different methods available that might help – or hurt - your search and you should be aware of them.


Dating apps are popping up all over the internet and some will be perfect for you – and some will not. You must learn the good and bad about each one that you’re considering. Although the old methods of blind dates and meeting in bars are still alive, better ways to find a soulmate are definitely shining through.


Social meetings are becoming a thing of the past and technology is taking over. Excuses for not socializing include being too busy and not enough time. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have revolutionized how we meet and get to know each other.


Online dating sites are rampant and most claim that they make it easier to meet people with the same interests and values as them. But, sometimes you might meet people who aren’t really who they say they are and risk getting scammed.


It’s hard to avoid the risk all the time, but you can do your research and check out blogs and other people who have used the site – both the complaints and the kudos. Some sites are designed to appeal to people with different interests.


If you’re a sports fanatic, you may use a certain site to zero in on someone who shares that passion. Online dating sites can hold great opportunities for those that are too shy to go out and meet someone.


Meeting online gives you the chance to get to know a person before you actually meet, so you have already decided what you have in common and if the match might be a good one.


Online dating sites also provide a better chance for you to freely express yourself. There’s the anonymity that is lacking in most other methods of finding a match. All they know is what you told them in your profile.


Each site will have rules to which you must adhere or risk being knocked off the site. As you educate yourself about online dating sites or other methods you might want to try, keep an open mind and be yourself.


Surround Yourself with the Best People for the Job


Besides all the dating apps and meet-and-greet types of mingling, there are those who know you best and who may be perfect for helping you choose a soulmate. Friends and family likely understand your needs, likes and dislikes and have a good idea about who you would be most happy with.


You may not think your mom knows enough about your adult likes and dislikes to choose a mate for you, but don’t underestimate the knowledge that moms have about their offspring.


It doesn’t have to be just mom – dads, cousins, grandparents and others in your family circle have either known you since you were born or grew up with you at some point. Spend some time getting an assessment from one that you trust the most. You might be surprised at what you discover.


Friends are also valuable when it comes to finding a soulmate. When you have a best friend, you confide in that person and trust him/her to tell you the truth – not just what you want to hear.


When you introduce a possible soulmate to a friend (or family member) be sure to listen to them about their thoughts and observations on the two of you as a couple. Friends and family members can introduce you to the right people too.


They won’t simply pair you with another just because you’re both single. They’ll truly try to match you with someone they think will have the best chance to share your passions. They will have your best interests in mind.


Matchmakers are another way to gain insight into what you’re really looking for in a partner and who might be a good match for you. The matchmakers today are different from those of years ago.


They usually have a sophisticated process that includes asking you many questions from your background to your current lifestyle. The matchmakers are usually life and personal coaches and have been trained to assist you in finding the ideal relationship.


Listen to the people who want to help you on the journey to find a soulmate – but let your heart ultimately be your guide – and instincts can also help.

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