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Tools, Resources and Technology for Finding Your Soulmate

Tools, Resources and Technology for Finding Your Soulmate

The internet has become one of the best tools for finding a soulmate, but there are other methods that could work just as well – or even better. For example, use the traditional way of finding a love interest by using your friends and families as tools for finding your soulmate.


After all, they probably know you better than anyone and would love to lead you in the right direction. Also, gyms and churches are great places to meet people who have the same interests and beliefs as you.


There are other resources that might also work to find your soulmate. Don’t give up – one of them will be sure to work.


Traditional Meeting Places


The old, traditional ways of meeting people are still used and have been very successful at matching couples. Friends are great resources and are unlikely to pair you with a person who doesn’t fit your personality.


If you’re in to working out at the gym, keep your eyes open for matches there. Since you’re both working out, you obviously have that in common. Many gyms have small health restaurants where you can sit and enjoy a smoothie with someone you like.


Church has long been a traditional method of finding a potential soulmate. You likely have the same beliefs and values to begin with and can find other things you have in common after a few dates.


Cycling is a sport that has become popular during the past few years. There are clubs you can join and meet people. They usually plan biking excursions where you can get to know people and discover other interests you have in common.


Volunteering is a good way to meet others who share your values. You can find many places that need dependable volunteers, such as hospitals and shelters. If you’re good at building, Habitat for Humanity is a good place to volunteer and meet others.


Cooking classes have become so popular – and you can likely find one in your home town. Many cities and towns also have organizations that focus on cooking and dining together at each other’s homes.


Clubs, the beach, museums, church and other traditional venues for meeting others can ensure that you’ll have a better chance of meeting people who have your same interests and beliefs.


Dating Apps and Sites


Dating apps and dating sites are the go-to technology when people want to meet someone and possibly have a relationship – either long-term or overnight. There are apps and sites especially for seniors, Christians, men-looking-for-men and women-looking-for-women


Site and app developers have done their best to have something online for everyone and the most popular apps are very different. Some of the most popular apps include Tinder, Bumble, OKCupid, Hinge and Match.


Match was one of the first online apps and is for those who are serious about finding a soulmate. You’ll be answering many questions about your lifestyle, interests and beliefs so they can narrow down the candidates that would fit you best.


The Hinge dating site only matches you with those on your social network – and their friends. When you get the results from Hinge, you merely swipe to record yes or no. Tinder touts itself as being the most popular sex app and you simply swipe yes or no to accept or reject the match.


Bumble is an app that works much like Tinder. The difference in the two is that the women have to message first. Their theory is that it reduces the not-so-nice messages from the guys.


OKCupid gets a very comprehensive profile from you after asking you several questions. This will determine how much you match with another person. Like Tinder, you can swipe yes or no.


Dating sites such as eHarmony let you choose someone for casual dating or choosing someone interested in a deep relationship. You’ll take a personality test when you join and browse through photos and profiles of those who signed up.


There is such a variety of online dating apps that it would be impossible to list each one, but rest assured you’ll find one that works for you no matter what your likes/dislikes or sexual persuasion.


Social Networking Sites


Almost everyone knows what Facebook and Instagram are and how to use them. You can easily keep up with family and friends and even meet people to date. Facebook is full of photos, blogs and videos and has more than 2 billion, monthly users.


Instagram is a site where you can share videos and photos and anyone of the age 13 or older can access it. Meetup is a site offering ways and times to meet people in your own area. Those 18 and older can use this site to plan offline social meetings.


With the Twitter social networking sites, you can post mini-blogs and follow others – and others can follow you. You can keep up with celebrities, friends, family – and even the President of the United States.


Tumblr can help you by providing a micro-blogging platform and helps you realize your social-networking efforts. Tylted is a networking site for playing games. While it might not be for Gen Xers or Baby Boomers, Millennials might find it interesting if they’re in to gaming. is a social networking site for those who love to travel. It’s a great place to find someone with your travel interests and possibly build that into a romantic relationship.


Pinterest is a social media site that is a way to post various likes and dislikes under a variety of different sections such as recipes, décor, camping, traveling, fashion and more.


Remember that social media and meeting sites also attract people who are out to scam you, so don’t post any information that may compromise your safety such as your address and phone number.


Also, on the first date at least, meet the person in an open area – preferably during the day. Keep things very casual online and beware of the person who wants to rush in to a sexual or committed relationship right away.


Matchmaking Services


Some people still prefer matchmaking services to meet a person who might become their soulmates. One of the most popular of these services is It’s Just Lunch – a site where busy and active professionals can meet others from personally selected matches.


Matchmaking services keep your profile private, so you don’t have to worry about someone reading your personal information. These services usually have certified matchmakers and are proficient in creating happy dating experiences.


There are pros and cons to choosing matchmaking services. Obviously, the best reason is because you will get a face-to-face date that has been planned by a professional and you don’t have to go through the thousands of online candidates.


Another good reason for choosing a matchmaking service is that you can meet more people from all over the world. Many people would like to meet a soulmate from another part of the world and there are matchmaking services that specialize in that.


Your professional matchmaker usually meets all of their clients and thoroughly interviews them. They will guide you through the dating process both before and after the initial date and give you feedback.


They should also offer technological services so you can access them on your PC or other device. Matchmaking services offer the personal touch that can immediately weed out predators and those who might scam you.


When choosing a matchmaking service, do your research and make sure they have a reputable background and aren’t a fly-by-night operation. They should make sure the person they’re interviewing is single and run an extensive background check.


One con to choosing a matchmaking service is that they can be very expensive. You will pay a good amount to get personalized service, but if you’re busy and can’t be bothered with scanning social media online sites, it may save you time.


Finding your soulmate today is easier than it’s ever been. With all the new innovations in technology and other ways to communicate, you’re sure to find a method that works for you.

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