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The Problem with Today's Health Management

The Problem with Today's Health Management

We live in a society where treatment rules over prevention, where the medical community shuns (or hides) natural treatments, and where consumers have to take matters into their own hands if they want to be educated about all of their options.


When it comes to your health, you need to know that you’re not at the mercy of your genetics and you don’t have to rely on drug treatments for everything.


You also can’t rest on your laurels until something bad happens – you need to take a preventative approach to your health while addressing any issues that have already crept up.


Doctors Rarely Discuss Preventative Medicine in Depth


Very few doctors sit down with their patients and help them work out a regimen of preventative medicine.


There’s no money in healthy patients, so it’s in their best interest – as well as the pharmaceutical companies – to treat you after you’ve already acquired a disease.


It’s not all a conspiracy, though. There’s not enough time to sit down with a patient and go over a customized plan – not when you’re looking at a waiting room full of ill patients.


You, as a consumer, have to take control and educate yourself. You can certainly ask your doctor about his or her recommendations for disease prevention, but you’re likely to just get very broad, generic answers – and no details to back it up.


Reliance on prescriptions has become commonplace – so much so that the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), is now issuing warnings about overuse of antibiotics, for example.


Instead of a doctor sitting you down and teaching you how to keep your immune system beefed up so that you won’t get sick, for example, he or she simply waits.


When you’ve come down with something, they then whip out their Rx pad to write you a prescription for antibiotics and steroids and perhaps some cough medicine to quell the symptoms.


You Have Options


There are definitely natural ways to treat things like this – to quell a cough, for example – but you won’t hear that from the doctor (or the pharmacist), because that’s not where the money is.


Imagine if you knew how to treat the flu on your own. Your doctor wouldn’t be able to keep his practice open if everyone were armed with that information! So you’re kept in the dark.


Prescriptions are expensive – whether you’re paying for them out of pocket, or your insurance company is paying for them. Eventually, it comes out of your pocket through increased premiums.


There are many ways to treat and prevent disease.


Food is one source. Healing your body (or strengthening it) from the inside out, helps you develop cells that can battle disease before they take root in your body.


There are also alternative and holistic measures you can take to create your own treatment and healing plan. You might want a combination of natural and traditional disease prevention.


For example, you get your kids immunized against disease to help protect them. But you also teach them how to wash their hands to prevent the spread of germs – and you feed them immune-boosting foods that help keep them healthy and fend of attacks by germs.


You can do the same with disease. When it comes to cancer, for example – you want to eat plenty of antioxidants, but you also want to have cancer screenings to catch any disease that occurs.


If you do develop the disease, you’ll probably embark on a journey to get the very best medical treatment available to you in the traditional sense. But you also will probably find information about nutrition and other treatments that help heal cancer naturally.


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