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Nailing Down a High Paying Niche

Nailing Down a High Paying Niche

If you are thinking of providing content for others or writing your own content and using it to generate more money around the holidays, it’s important to know how to research hot niches and understand which topics sell well. If you’re selling PLR, then you want to be releasing content that other marketers will view as timely – and if it’s for your own site, you’ll want the very same thing.


Whether you’re talking about digital info products or tangible consumer products, you want to have a grasp on niche popularity. Never worry about competition. Just grab your share of that profit pie and enjoy your holiday season a little more!


Know the Evergreen Niche Staples


There are three main niche markets that successful marketers always mention: Health, Wealth, and Relationships. Of course, they’re not the only evergreen niche topic you can pursue.


An evergreen topic is one that never goes out of style. People are always looking for health solutions (from skincare to diabetes management). They always want to build wealth – you yourself are doing that right this very second! And relationships always need work, whether you’re single and looking and together and struggling.


To find an evergreen niche, think about things that happen in life all year round. For example:


·         People get married

·         They become parents

·         They look for career advice

·         They need to lose weight…and so on.


When you look at those evergreen topics, you can spot certain trends when they might even spike up a bit. For example, June is a prime wedding month. So your online campaign for wedding content could ramp up in the 3-4 months prior to that date.


Does that mean nobody gets married in April or November? No! So you make sales year round – but a nice spike of holiday cash comes in during the summertime.


Weight loss is a year-round niche, of course. But it spikes around the New Year. People begin planning (and buying things like exercise equipment) around the holidays so they can start fresh on January 1st.


Another time when the weight loss niche spikes is right before summer hits? All of those people who fell off the New Year’s Day diet are now realizing it’s almost time for swimsuits – and they’re desperate to get in shape.


Consider Tangible Bestsellers


For those of you either writing PLR content or launching your own affiliate sites – you’ll want to know what tangible items start flying off the shelves right before the holidays kick in.


Think about what people buy. For this time of year, it will include:


·         Halloween costumes (for all ages and both genders)

·         Decorations (both indoor and outdoor)

·         Dinner elements (bakeware, serving dishes, etc.)

·         Gift baskets

·         Toys

·         Gift certificates for online shopping

·         Clothes and accessories

·         Tailgating gear (for football season)

·         Gifts for men (sports gifts, homeowner tools, cologne, electronics)

·         Gifts for women (perfume, jewelry, kitchen appliances, electronics)


When you go to sites like and start searching the bestseller list, you can see what’s generating a lot of sales and then create a nice PLR pack for that category – sort of like a top 10 list of reviews, for example. Marketers will devour that!


Use the Magazine Stand to Guide You


One of the best resources for finding out what’s hot at the moment is your local grocery store or bookstore magazine stand. You don’t even have to buy the magazine – just look at the cover to get some ideas!


You can also do this from the comfort of your own home! Look at the magazines’ online versions of their publications and grab ideas there. Just the ideas – not the content. You just want to know what’s hot right now.


You can also use things like Google News. Just type a niche into Google and click News to see what new information has just come out about it. When you sell a new pack of PLR, or write on your blog, convey to your readers that you recently read about it in the news or in a recent magazine – it helps them understand that you have your finger on the pulse of the niche.


Making money in a crunch is a great way to elevate your level of happiness around the holidays and keep stress at bay. But work this plan on a year-round basis so that holiday cash generation isn’t even an issue anymore!


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