Live The Dream: Your Own

Evergreen Internet Newsletter

learn to earn 'email marketing' series

Set it, forget it… and count your cash.

It sounds good, right? But unfortunately, it's not always that easy.


Example: You might be chained to your blog so that you can add new content each week for your readers. Or maybe you have a newsletter that you publish at least once a week. Either way, you need to attend to your business if you want to make some money.

Now imagine this instead…

A newsletter that runs on autopilot. Sales made while you sleep. You set it and forget it.

This is NOT just an Internet dream.

It's a reality, at least for those who use an autoresponder and evergreen content.

All you have to do is load up several months' worth of evergreen content into your autoresponder, weave offers into your content and set up an email-capture page. Then drive targeted traffic to your email-capture page.

That's it! You're free to do what you want, because you're not tied to a weekly publishing schedule. Indeed, you never have to touch these lists or newsletters again!

If this sounds good to you, then keep reading. Because in moments you'll discover three ways to create this sort of evergreen, autoresponder-based newsletter, including:


  1. The standard newsletter.

  2. The theme-based newsletter.

  3. The multi-part ecourse with follow ups

But first, maybe you're wondering…

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