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10 Email Marketing

Finding Your Voice: How to Express Personality Online

When's the last time you enjoyed listening to someone who sounds generic? It just doesn't happen. People love listening to speakers like Chris Rock, Tony Robbins and Jon Stewart because they're dynamic and their personality shines through. The best-selling books and even the best sales letters are the same. An aura of personality just oozes from the page or screen...

Opt-In Page Tips for Maximum Sign-Ups

A great opt-in page can generate opt-ins as high as 30% of the time. However, a poor opt-in page can generate opt-ins less than 10% of the time - sometimes even no opt-ins at all.  What makes a good opt-in page? How can you ensure that people will opt in when they come to your page? Here are a few tips.

Three Kinds of Emails You Can Use Over and Over

A lot of list owners eventually run into the problem of not knowing what to write about. If you ever run into that issue, then perhaps this article can help. Here we'll go over three kinds of emails that you can use over and over again. In fact, if you just rotate between these three kinds of emails, your business will do very well indeed!

The Art of Using Email

to Sell

Selling by email is different than selling on a sales page. Sales letters have to work under the impression that they have just one shot to make a sale and have to hammer in all the benefits and go for an instant close. Email on the other hand has the benefit of a relationship and ongoing contact.

Here are a few choice tips on how to use email to sell effectively.

When and How Often

to Email

When's the optimal time to email your list? What's the optimal frequency? These are two key factors to running a well-read and responsive email list. Email at the wrong times and your emails either won't get opened or your sales letters won't convert. Email at the wrong frequency and you risk either burning your list out by emailing too much or not building a solid relationship by not emailing enough.

Tips for Successful Email Campaigns and Product Launches

If you're launching a new product or going for a special sales push, there are a few things you can do that'll virtually guarantee a higher response rate. These things include split testing email headlines, amping up excitement before the launch and taking advantage of the "crowd effect."  Here's more about each of these tips.

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  2. Who to Use: Comparison of AWeber, iContact, and GetResponse

  3. Writing Your Welcome Autoresponder

  4. Creating an Attractive "Hook" for Your Ezine

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How To Build Your Business Email List

An email list is a great way to create a continuous stream of income for your local business because you can automatically communicate with a targeted list of people over and over again without starting the whole sales process from scratch. But how exactly does one build that coveted email list? First one needs to drive traffic to your squeeze page and secondly one needs to get them to sign up on that squeeze page.


Here are ways to drive traffic to your squeeze page:

Creating Subject Lines That Get Your Emails Opened

You’ve finally got some subscribers to your email list, and now you want to start getting some interaction from them. You want them to read the information and answer your calls to action. But first, you must get them to open your emails. That starts with writing subject lines that encourage them to act.


- Pique interest

Don’t give everything away in the subject line. Instead use the space to make them want to open the email and know more. Think about what they see when they get the email in their inbox and put the words in the right order to pique interest.

How to Optimize Your Landing Page For More Traffic

When building your landing page, it’s important that you understand who your audience is and what the purpose of the page is before you start, then optimize it to get the best listing possible. Let’s go over a few things you should keep in mind as you build your pages.


- Keep it simple

Don’t go crazy putting too much information on your landing page. For instance, don’t put pop-ups and pop-under on the same page. You don’t want too many keywords to gunk up how readers view your page either. You want the page to read well for real-life visitors, while at the same time attracting the search engines...

Planning Your List Engagement Strategy

When it comes to increasing list engagement it’s important to create a plan based on the products and services you plan to promote.  A good engagement strategy starts with your product funnel which in turn helps you create your content and your various marketing calendars.


Fact, all email marketing should be focused towards promoting your products or services and that requires planning. Let’s start by going over a few of the things you’ll need to add to your plan so that you can increase engagement for your email campaigns.


- A product funnel

Story Telling and Email Open Rates

Email Open Rates, The Rise and Fall of Nations and Morgan Freeman

Every day, hundreds of millions of promotional emails go unopened. I'm not talking about spammy messages about magic or desperate messages from royalty who need help with a little international transaction.I mean legitimate, targeted emails. Emails which were sent to people who had specifically asked for them.

And we're all guilty of doing this. I can almost guarantee that if you have an email address, you have hundreds of unopened messages rotting away in the deepest depths of your inbox. People mentally filter out emails...

Email Marketing Software Can Do A Lot For You

Depending on the email marketing software you use, it’s important to learn all the features that it has so that you can use it to its fullest potential. You might not even be aware of all the things your email marketing software can do. If you aren’t sure, consider seeking out someone who is an expert with your software choice so that everything can be set up to be the most effective and the most personal in nature.


- Write interest-targeted email messages

Use the software to capture the information needed to personalize and craft email messages toward what your subscriber wants to know about. This is an important way to move your subscribers enough to purchase from you.

Offering Your Subscribers Gifts To Increase Engagement

A free gift is a great way to entice a new subscriber to sign up for your email list. It’s also a great way to increase engagement, because who doesn’t like getting gifts? The important thing about offering a gift is that it should be useful, valuable and the same quality as the products or services you offer.


If it’s lesser in value, they may think it’s an example of the type of work you do and never buy your products or services. If you’re serious about getting more subscribers and ultimately customers, then your gift needs to be an example of what your audience can expect to receive when they make a purchase.

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LEAD GENERATORS - Subscription eCourses and/or emails

BACKLINK BAIT - Submit Content to Social Media Sites

WEBSITE CONTENT - Fodder for Search Engine Searches

INFOPRODUCTS - Combine into Reports, eBooks or Tutorials

MULTI-MEDIA - Reformat into PowerPoint slides, video or audio


Build A Responsive Mailing List

Every online marketer understands that the best way to generate sales is to have a large email list of subscribers. After they build that list, however, many marketers begin to recognize that the list is large, but it doesn't function to create sales. That's because it wasn't built with the idea of creating a responsive list, and instead focused on quantity instead of quality.


The time to start building the right type of list is just as you get started, but even if you've already got a list, you can still tweak your business processes to get a better response after the fact.


Pay Attention To How You Create That List


The biggest secret isn't that you need a huge number of people on the list, but that you want a better conversion of subscribers to customers. You can do this by paying attention to how you are creating the list, how you are marketing it, and what is actually happening when you send out an offer. Here are some basic things you should know about a responsive mailing list.

Email Marketing Smarts

You finally realize that you need a good opt-in list. After reading countless articles and expert advice and reading many success stories of people creating a small fortune with opt-in lists you finally decide to have one of your own. Then it happens, you think you know everything there is to know about opt-in lists and have followed their advice to the T and you still weren't able to make a profit.

In fact, you may be losing money. You maybe hiring writers to help you out, or there are some expenses incurred, even if you have a big list, but only a very small percentage actually buys from you, your still losing profit. You'll realize that after a few months when you see your statistics and sales figures.

So what could have gone wrong? Why have others succeeded where you have failed? The most common mistake is that you dived straight right in. You chose a topic where you think could be quite popular and would earn you money. This just not the case. Just because you wrote people from the list doesn't mean they are going to buy instantly.

List Subscription Tsunami

A mailing list will always be one of your most valuable business assets. With it, you can connect with your target audience, build brand awareness, tap into hot niche markets, and maximize your income through affiliate marketing and product launches.


What you want to do is build a mailing list that is organized and segmented so that you are able to communicate your message clearly and to the right audience.

I’ll show you exactly how to do that in this report, as well as how to increase opt-in rates as well as open-rates so that your emails are seen by thousands of subscribers who will respond to your messages, and buy your products.

Are you ready to start building a profitable, laser-targeted mailing list of your own?


Then, let’s begin.

Ezine Profits

If the value of a mailing list is gold, publishing an e-zine would have to fall into the platinum category.


Naturally, you can keep in touch with your mailing list members without an e-zine, but why pass up the opportunity to gain their respect and trust on a regular basis.


If you merely contact your list members on a random basis, you risk the possibility that they’ll forget who you are. Or even worse, what your product or business is all about.


With an e-zine, you have the perfect opportunity to step into the privacy of their homes on any given day of any given week or month. You decide. And once you do and you arrive at their inbox, you have their undivided attention.


At least, that’s what you’re hoping for. Their undivided attention.


The first thing you have to do is develop an e-zine that your readers will be hungry to devour, from top to bottom. Not an easy task, especially when you consider how many emails the average viewer receives on a daily basis.

Email List Management

List maintenance is one of the most important subjects in online marketing. Your list is your number one and most basic bottom level output for your promotions. It's expensive and time consuming to gather, but forms one of the most powerful resources and profit potential you have.

For this reason, we need to understand exactly how it works. Throughout my time in online marketing, I've tried many different formats. There are clear differences that allow some methods to come out on top, while some fail miserably.

Depending on your business, there are several solutions that might be right for you. For this reason, we need to look at the big five to allow you to decide which one is going to make you the most cash.

So without further ado, lets get talking about the fundamentals and how each management technique affects your response rate, your customer loyalty, the amount you earn from your list, and what type of promotion it's suited to, such as your own products, joint ventures or purely affiliate marketing.

How to Write A Great Newsletter

In this world there are definitely two types of electronic newsletters.  One type grabs the readers and actively (usually dramatically) improves your sales, while the other languishes on a screen for only a matter of seconds before it heads straight for the trash bin.


Now, you want an electronic newsletter that will act as a great marketing tool for you and that will seriously raise your sales.  Most companies who have good electronic newsletters attest that the increased sales arising from the newsletter are actually the final step in terms of the newsletter development. 


The world of sales is like a pyramid with a staircase to the top.  You climb each step with your customers, and then when you get towards the top, your sales simply start to take off.  But before you start writing your electronic newsletter, you need to be aware of its purpose.

Tiny Subscriptions, Big Profits

Do you want to make some extra income, but you can't seem to get it together? Or maybe you already have a successful online business but you'd like to supplement that income with more.


This is a business that doesn't require a tremendous investment of time. Nor do you need a great amount of skill. You will need a little patience initially, since you might not be making mounds of money from day one. And unless you already have a good list or traffic source, it could take some time to get your income into the $500 to $1,000 a month range.


But the good news is, this is a residual income in which you get recurring payments month after month. So while you might only add a certain amount of business each month, when you factor in the business from previous months it can really start to add up.


What I'm trying to say here is, you won't get rich over night, and this does take some effort. It's like most things, the more effort you put in, the more money you will get out. It's that simple.

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