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Mindset, Motivation and Money

Mindset, Motivation and Money

Let me ask you a question…


Why do you want an ecommerce store?


No seriously, take a moment and honestly answer that question.


And then answer these questions:


·         Do you want an ecommerce store because you’re looking for a way to make money online?


·         Do you want a store because you’re looking for a way to turn your passions and hobbies into money in the bank?


·         Do you want a store as a supplement to what you’re already doing? For example, maybe you already have a dog training site, and now you’d like to create another revenue stream on the site by selling physical products.


·         Do you already make goods, and you’re looking for an outlet to sell them?


·         Did you read about someone else having big success with an online store, and that made you daydream about having your own uber-successful store?


·         Does it look like an easy way to make money to you?

·         Do you want a store because it seems like a good way to help your niche market?


·         Do you want a store because you like the idea of owning something? In other words, do you imagine putting “CEO and store owner” on a business card and impressing friends and strangers alike?

·         Do you want a store because your brother / sister / friend / colleague said they were starting a store, and your ultra-competitive nature kicked in so you wanted a store too?


·         Do you want a store because your current online marketing gig isn’t working out, and you’re pretty sure a store would be a much better business for you?


·         Do you want a store because you tend to chase bright and shiny things, and this seems awfully bright and shiny today?


Those are just a few questions to get you brainstorming.


But basically, you need to be honest about WHY you want to start up an ecommerce store.


The reason you need to be honest about the “why” is because your answer can make or break your success.


Here’s the thing…


There are a lot of people who get into ecommerce for all the wrong reasons. And when that happens, they fail. Big time.


You see, starting up an ecommerce store isn’t a decision you should make lightly.


This isn’t a decision like, “What should I have for dinner tonight?” or “Should I do laundry or just buy more socks?”


This is a big decision, one that is going to affect you every day for as long as you own this store. And if you don’t have a fire in your belly about your store, then you’re going to give up a few months down the road.


Because you know what?


Not every day as a store owner is all rainbows and puppies.


And you may not be making profits right out of the gate.


Sure, some days you’re going to be so excited about your store that you’re going to fly out of bed in the morning because you’re so eager to get to work on it.


But then there are going to be those days when things are hard. You’re frustrated. Seems like things are going wrong.


If you aren’t building an ecommerce store for the right reasons, those are the days you’re going to toss in the towel.


Let me give you a heads up…


If you’re #1 sole and overriding reason to set up an ecommerce store is to make money – or you’re doing it for ego reasons -- then I’m betting you’re going to quit this gig just a few months down the road!


Because working on your store every day, every week, every month and every year is going to get old really fast if money is your ONLY reason for doing it.


Sure, making money is a big reason. I get it. You need to make a living.


But it shouldn’t be your only reason.


There needs to be something else driving your passion.


You need to be excited about your niche. You need to genuinely care about your customers and want what is best for them.


Because it’s this deep-seated enthusiasm and care that is going to propel you to keep going even when things get tough.


Do you have it? Is there a fire in your belly? Are you excited to keep reading even though I just rained on the ecommerce parade with a cold dose of reality?


If so, then those are very good signs.


If you’re still feeling excited, then I’m thinking you’ve got what it takes to be a success. And you are reading the book that’s going to help make it happen.


In this series of reports you’re going to discover the exact step-by-step strategy for setting up and running your own successful ecommerce store, including:


·         The right way to choose a niche and product line.

·         How to set up a platform that simplifies ecommerce.

·         Where to get your products.

·         How to bring in massive amounts of targeted traffic.

·         And much, much more.

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