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Supplementing Your Diet Success

Supplementing Your Diet Success

As you go on your wellness journey and find a nutritional plan you can pursue as well as an activity schedule that agrees with you, you'll want to supplement your diet with anything that helps you succeed.


Be Careful with Actual Supplements


When you're using a diet that addresses complete health concerns, you might be put on medications to help you succeed if your doctor feels you need them. You have to be careful about what you eat or use in conjunction with them.


For example, if you're on cholesterol medication, it might be wise to avoid eating grapefruit as part of your diet. You're going to read lots of conflicting advice about supplements, too.


Even natural supplements can be touted by one professional (such as Dr. Oz promoting the use of green coffee bean extract) and discouraged by other leaders in the dietary field as dangerous.


Find out what your doctor recommends based on your health panel as well as disease history that your parents and grandparents suffered so that you prevent future issues.


Almost all experts will recommend that you try to get your nutritional value from real foods, not supplements. No one should live on a diet of diet soda, processed foods and a handful of pills each day. That's not healthy for you.


Rewards Versus Self Care


Don't forget to supplement your journey with an ample supply of nurturing and pampering for yourself along the way. It doesn't always have to be expensive items like massages or mani/pedis.


You can do little things like giving yourself extra time to relax and read a book, or using an at home face mask to spoil yourself and keep you feeling good as you make major life changes to your physical body.


Keep yourself motivated with books and blogs that inspire you and tune out of disparaging remarks on social media or news stories that tend to get you depressed.


Most years, you've probably searched for that one perfect diet that's going to melt off the pounds and have you squeezing into a size 6 dress in 24 hours. It's time to adopt a healthy way of life - something that benefits you from a total wellness point of view.


Slam the door shut on unrealistic expectations, be willing to switch things up and be unconventional when it comes to planning your meals and getting enough exercise - and never let anyone else pressure you into harming your body through extreme weight loss measures that set you up for failure.

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