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Put an End to Bad Habits Using Detox Dieting

Put an End to Bad Habits Using Detox Dieting

Everyone has bad habits. Sometimes a bad habit isn’t something that can cause harm to your body. However, when it is, it can impact your quality of life, cause premature aging and even take years off your lifespan.


When you go on a detox diet, that’s a great time to get rid of the habits that are impacting your health. One of the biggest habits that impacts millions of people is that of smoking.


Years ago, ads were everywhere depicting glamorous people laughing while holding a cigarette. Today, however, the warnings on the sides of cigarette packs are boldly written.


Smoking is hazardous. A lot of people understand that smoking isn’t healthy, but they seem to struggle with quitting despite knowing that. If that sounds like you, then you should know that if you have trouble letting go of smoking, it’s not your fault.


There’s a substance in cigarettes that make breaking the habit a tough one. This substance is nicotine and it’s an addictive ingredient. There’s a reason that it’s so addictive.


Nicotine is fast acting and it stimulates your brain to release feel good chemicals. So it’s not actually the nicotine that you want. It’s the elevated hormone level that it produces in your brain that you’re craving.


When you satisfy this craving, it makes you feel more relaxed. But cigarettes do more than give you nicotine. There are pesticides in cigarette smoke and these pesticides are very toxic to your health.


One of them is flumetralin and it’s known to cause trouble with your endocrine system. This pesticide isn’t allowed in some countries because it’s also a known carcinogen.


Another pesticide that people breathe in when they smoke is pendimethalin. Besides also being linked to causing cancer, this pesticide wreaks havoc with your thyroid function.


The third pesticide you’ll find in cigarettes is trifluralin. This one is just as toxic as the other two, causes cancer and can damage your endocrine system. Even knowing this, it can still be hard to just quit cold turkey.


But thankfully, there are some detox dieting plans that you can use that can help to set you free from this habit. By using natural remedies, you can not only kick the habit, but you’ll feel better, too.


Certain foods will cause a nicotine trigger response in your body - so stay away from those foods. These are usually things like red meat and fatty foods. Eating lean meat and plenty of raw vegetables along with fruit helped people to combat the craving to light up.


Be careful with how much caffeine you use, because this can trigger nicotine cravings. If you are someone who uses caffeine, you’ll want to slowly back off of this if you’re giving up smoking.


There are plenty of supplements that can help you kick the smoking habit. The first supplements that you’re going to want to get are the B vitamins. These work to help return stability to your nervous system and they relieve stress and give you an energy boost.


They can also help eliminate some of the side effects that come along with stopping a smoking habit. By taking vitamin B1, you can help to keep your moods from swinging while you’re withdrawing from nicotine.


This vitamin can also fight fatigue. If you take vitamin B2, you’ll beat back mental fog because this vitamin stimulates the growth of red blood cells. You need red blood cells to get oxygen to the organs in your body.


The B3 vitamin can work to open your blood vessels and give you better blood flow. Using vitamin B5 can help your adrenals while B6 can help to stave off depression and kick cravings.


There are a lot of toxins that go into your body when you smoke. You want to choose supplements that help get those toxins out and that’s one thing that vitamin B7 can help with.


Make sure that you get your folic acid. This can help repair some of the damage that smoking did to your body. Vitamin C can also help you get rid of toxins caused by a smoking habit.


Magnesium can help your lungs work right - plus it’s a stress reliever. Exercise can also help you to beat the smoking habit. When you exercise, it cuts out the cravings that you feel for nicotine.


It also reduces stress and helps with mood stabilization. Exercising causes the brain to release endorphins which can give you the same feel-good sensation that nicotine gave you.


Exercising also combats the weight gain that many people complain happens when they give up smoking. Plus, it also boosts your energy. Walking, swimming, yoga, even working around the house are good forms of exercise to engage in to help you quit and stay off of cigarettes.


Cigarettes aren’t the only bad habit that can put toxins into your body. Drinking alcohol is a habit that can have serious health consequences for your body. You don’t have to drink a lot for alcohol to have an impact on your organs.


And it does affect all of your organs, because it’s carried through your bloodstream. When you drink, your liver works to try to metabolize the alcohol, but many people drink alcohol faster than the liver is able to metabolize it.


This is what leads to you becoming intoxicated. When you consume too much alcohol, besides damaging your liver, it affects your pancreas and can cause inflammation.


If the pancreas becomes damaged enough, it can lead to problems regulating your blood sugar. Drinking can cause you to develop an arrhythmia, high blood pressure, heart disease and anemia.


It can cause depression, seizures and cirrhosis of the liver. It impairs your thinking skills, your coordination and can lead to brain atrophy. You can stop drinking by following a few helpful tips.


First, don’t make it easy to fall into temptation. Stay away from things that will trip you up. Keep alcohol out of your house and don’t hang out in the places that remind you of drinking.


Be prepared for certain triggers. If you usually relax after a meal and have a glass or two of alcohol, leave the table immediately after eating and go for a walk instead.


Make sure that you have support from friends and family. Yoga and meditation can be helpful for peace of mind during this process. Pick a detox diet that will help you replace the urge to drink.


Using a juice detox for a few days can be helpful. Make sure you’re getting your vitamins because they can reduce the craving for alcohol. Choose food items that battle cravings and help clear out toxins.


These are things like dates, carrot juice and bananas. Use supplements like kudzu, passion flower and thyme root to help heal your body and beat cravings. Goldenroot can also be beneficial.


For anyone who’s used alcohol for a while, milk thistle can help you get rid of toxins and aid in quitting drinking.


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