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How the Right Detox Plan Can Rev Up Your Energy Levels

How the Right Detox Plan Can Rev Up Your Energy Levels

You probably already realize that the benefits to using a detox plan are plentiful. You might see these benefits in the way that your skin looks healthier, you have better mental clarity or that your immune system has improved.


But there are yet even more benefits in store for you. When you choose the right detox plan, it can really boost your energy levels. There’s a good reason for this. When you go through a detox, you put a stop to the toxins that rob your body of energy.


Even some of the foods that claim to give you energy and make you feel alert can actually drain your energy. Caffeine, for one, can make you feel a boost in energy - but that boost doesn’t last.


As soon as the caffeine is out of your system, you feel tired again. It’s always better to choose something natural like a detox plan to get your energy levels up rather than use things that always lead to a crash.


You get your energy levels raised because a detox plan helps with your glucose. You get glucose in the things that you eat and drink. Once your body digests it, then that glucose becomes energy for your body.


But there are foods that give you good energy and foods that give you the kind of energy that can leave you feeling even worse off than you felt before you ate. When you go on a detox that helps your glucose level, it will prevent - and in some cases eliminate - some of the health issues that toxins from improperly used glucose can cause you to have.


Heart disease, diabetes, mood swings and infertility are just some of the problems that can be caused when your glucose is at the point where it’s robbing you of your energy.


There are two types of glucose that you get from foods. One is natural and one is manmade. While natural glucose, like the kind you get from fruits, is better for you, it can still spike your glucose level and give you a blood sugar drop if you have too much of it.


You’ll want to choose a detox plan that calls for you to either strongly limit or eliminate unnatural glucose because this is the most dangerous kind. It’s the one most responsible for ill health as well as weight gain issues you might be struggling with.


There’s no way to slowly wean your way off of glucose, especially if you’re used to eating a diet that’s high in sugar-laden foods like cookies, candy and other sweet treats.


The reason that you can’t do it slowly is because sugar is an addiction. When you eat it, it triggers a response in your brain and you crave more of it. The only way to stop it is to simply go cold turkey.


You might be surprised at how you feel when you’re withdrawing from sugar. At first, you’ll feel cranky and maybe even jittery - just like you would with any other addiction.


But once you’re through that, you’ll feel great and your energy level will kick up. Make sure that you stay away from liquid sugar. The amount of sugar in liquids is often found to be in higher concentrate than solid foods.


And liquid sugar can cause a toxin build up much faster, too. Choose a detox plan that has you replacing the sugar with protein. You’ll feel full and you’ll have plenty of energy.


Your thyroid is a gland in your body that can also impact your energy level. This butterfly shaped gland consists of two lobes. When there’s nothing wrong with it, you really don’t notice it.


But when something goes wrong such as an inflammation, this gland can become swollen. When that happens, you feel it. You might notice that you have voice changes.


Or that you cough after you eat. You might have trouble getting your food to go down as easily as you did before you started having problems. The culprit behind these symptoms is the swelling that happens.


This swelling puts pressure on your esophagus. This swelling can be caused by disease, but it can also be a direct reaction to toxins in foods that you eat. When your thyroid function gets affected, it can really make you feel bad.


It can make you gain or lose weight. It can make you feel extremely cold in the hot weather. It can make your hair begin to noticeably thin. You might find that you feel anxious or struggle with bouts of depression.


Extreme fatigue can also go hand in hand with thyroid problems, especially if the foods that you eat contain toxins that make your body attack the gland. Unfortunately, the fatigue that people feel is often attributed to something else.


But there is something that you can do to help your thyroid and boost up your energy. You can choose a detox plan that eliminates toxins from your diet. You can also flush your system from the toxins that have already caused problems with your thyroid.


Many people choose a detox plan that allows for preventative measures so that they don’t reach the stage where their thyroid robs them of their energy. The toxins in the foods that you eat and in your environment can cause your thyroid levels to reach the point to where your thyroid is no longer able to produce the hormones that you must have in order to live.


Living in a state of chronic stress can also negatively impact your thyroid. When toxins impact your thyroid, it can cause your body to really struggle with weight loss.


One of the reasons for this is because it slows down your metabolism - and no matter how much you exercise or how little you eat, you won’t be able to shed the weight.


You have to first fix the root of the problem before you start feeling better and have more energy. Probiotics are microorganisms. They can be great helpers for the body because they can fight off things that rob you of your health.


The toxins in your body can upset the balance of probiotics. In turn, you’ll quickly discover that your body isn’t getting the nutrients that it needs. It can’t - because when you have very limited good microorganisms, not only do you lose the health benefits they give you, but the bad ones can flourish.


When your probiotics are out of balance, it can cause problems in your intestines. It can also make you feel tired. But the right detox plan can end the problems and restore balance.


There are foods that are rich in probiotics and there are also supplements that can help. Some foods that contain probiotics are yogurt, dark chocolate, pickles, olives, sauerkraut and soy milk. If you choose a supplement, make sure that it contains lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium.


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