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Detox to Clear Up Allergies

Detox to Clear Up Allergies

Millions of people suffer from allergies. You can be born with them or they can develop as you age, because any substance can suddenly trigger a histamine response.

This can happen even if you didn’t have any allergies to that item in the past. If you do have allergies, then you know how miserable allergy season can make you.


Most of the over-the-counter allergy remedies contain toxins that can harm your body and can contribute to toxin buildup. Instead of using these, you can detox to clear up allergies.


When you get the toxins out of your body, you’ll discover that it helps your symptoms calm down. There are plenty of natural supplements you can use with your detox plan to get the allergies under control and in some cases, even eliminate them.


Vitamin C is one supplement that can help. It might seem odd to reach for this vitamin when it comes to dealing with allergies, but it works as a gatekeeper. What it does is to stop the histamine response before it happens.


By keeping the histamine production off, you won’t get the symptoms associated with the allergic response. Another supplement you want to look for is plant sterols.


These come from plants and have a lot of other benefits besides fighting allergies. They can also help get high cholesterol back under control. When used for allergies, plant sterols can work to calm down the histamine response.


Plus, they can also boost your immune system. Probiotics like acidophilus can bring allergies under control. It’s especially helpful with treating skin allergies. Quercetin is another supplement that can help with allergies.


Not only is it present in plants, but you can also find it in certain foods and some beverages. It’s in apples, onions, St. John’s wort, green tea and red wine. It helps with allergies by stopping the process of histamine reaction within the body.


Stinging nettle as part of a detox plan can bring your allergies under control. This plant has hairs that contain the ingredients that help allergy sufferers. When used properly, this supplement can moderate what happens when your body releases histamine in response to an allergen.


Stinging nettle interrupts the body’s histamine release. Besides taking supplements, there are other ways that you can use a detox plan to treat your allergies.


One of these ways is by making better nutrition choices. What you want to concentrate on is a diet that’s high in foods that are antioxidants as well as in foods containing omega 3.


Both help fight allergies. One of the reasons that allergies make you so miserable is because of the inflammatory response that occurs when you come in contact with the allergy.


There are foods that contain properties that will naturally fight back against allergies. There are fruits that contain anti-inflammatory properties. Among the fruits you should eat are grapes, cherries and berries.


Some spices are great helps when battling allergies. Spices like turmeric can help. Not only does it contain anti-inflammatory properties, but antioxidants as well.


Tomatoes are nature’s own anti-histamine. When you consistently eat a diet that contains tomatoes, you’ll be helping your body keep the histamine response under control.


Broccoli, kale and pumpkin should be staples in your diet if you’re someone who suffers from allergies. These foods are loaded with carotenoids, which are known to fight back against allergies.


You’ll also want to make sure you get plenty of garlic. This tasty bulb can stop inflammation caused by allergies in its tracks. While you can add garlic to your food dishes to flavor them and get the benefit from it, you can also find this in a supplement to add to your daily diet plan.


While there are plenty of foods that you’ll want to eat to help you fight allergies, there are some that can actually make your allergies worse. There are specific allergy seasons that roll around every year.


During these times, people who suffer from allergies can really have a tough time. When it’s the height of allergy season, you want to be careful about the amount of raw food that you eat.


Raw foods can trigger a histamine response because of their contact with outdoor pollutants. If you go this route, make sure you wash off all contaminates carefully.


You’ll also want to leave the spicy foods alone. They might taste great and really add a zing to a meal, but you’ll pay for it later. Spicy foods automatically trigger the production of histamine.


What you put into your body can affect whether or not you can clear up your allergies with a detox plan, but how you live can also make a difference. You can’t always see the things that trigger an allergic response - such as dust mites.


But there are steps you can take in the way that you detox your house that can rid of what causes your allergies. Whenever you dust a hardwood floor, always make sure you use a damp mop.


If you don’t, you release those dust particles into the air. When you dust surfaces, use a lightly dampened cloth to catch the particles. Your ceiling fans, windowsills, baseboard and above your doors should be dusted every week.


Limit the items you allow in your home because every item can be a dust collector. Keep your home dry. Dampness promotes the growth of mold and their spores.


A cooler home is less likely to trigger an allergen response than a warmer home. When you vacuum, only use HEPA filters. These are the top of the line filters that are a must have for allergy sufferers.


Whenever you can, vacuum instead of sweeping. Your bed linens should be changed and laundered every week. When you do laundry, use your dryer instead of letting them dry outside.


If you do that, you’re only bringing allergens into your home. There are some lifestyle changes that you should make if you want to detox from the allergens that cause you to suffer.


If you can, replace the carpet in your home. Carpet is a magnet for allergies. Instead, have wood or tile floors. You might always want to consider replacing the blinds in your home.


These are also dust magnets. For people who have a lot of allergies or whose allergies are pretty severe, you might want to think about hiring a professional cleaning service.


That way, you won’t be the one dealing with the dust and other allergens that can irritate your system. If you’re the type of person who loves to feel the warm air of the outdoors blowing through your home, you might want to rethink that.


Unfiltered allergens can quickly trigger your histamine production. Instead, let your air conditioner protect you by filtering the air that you breathe. Make sure that you use a top-of-the-line filter for this.


Make shopping changes so that you can detox from allergies. One of the changes that you can make is by going hypoallergenic as much as possible. Buy only hypoallergenic bedding material.


Allergies can worsen at night. Keep things out of your bedroom that contribute to that and this includes pets and all pet bedding.

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