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Use ChatGPT to Write Sales Letters

Use ChatGPT to Write Sales Letters

Imagine a world where you could simply input your product or service and target audience and have a highly effective sales letter written for you, in minutes.


Sound too good to be true?


It's not. With the advent of ChatGPT-3, the world of sales letter writing has been revolutionized (and you don’t need any fancy ‘middlemen’ services to do it either).


But…  The key factor in getting ChatGPT-3 to create effective direct response sales letters for you is to provide the right prompts.


The prompts you give ChatGPT-3 will determine the content and tone of the sales letter it generates. It is crucial to be specific and detailed when creating prompts to ensure that the sales letter it produces is tailored to your product or service and target audience. So, let’s look at how exactly to do it…


To properly formulate your input or prompt for a direct response sales letter, you should provide the following information in your prompt:


The product or service: Clearly describe the product or service that you are selling, including its features and benefits.


The target audience: Identify the demographic that you are trying to reach with your letter. This will help me tailor the language and tone to be most effective for that group.


The unique selling proposition (USP): This is the one thing that sets your product or service apart from the competition. This should be highlighted in the letter.


The call to action: This is the specific thing that you want the reader to do after reading the letter. It could be to buy the product, visit a website, or call a phone number.


Any additional information: If there are any other important details that you would like to include in the letter, such as a limited time offer or a special promotion, please let me know.


Style and tone: The style and tone of the letter should be consistent with your brand and should be persuasive but not too pushy.  (You’ve already seen many different ways to achieve this in the earlier part of the guide)


By providing me with all this information, I can ensure that I write a direct response sales letter that is tailored to your product or service, target audience, and overall marketing goals.


You can also prompt for different copy formulas too.  Some of the most popular ChatGPT-3 knows are:


AIDA: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action


PAS: Problem, Agitate, Solution


SNASPE: Situation, Need, Attention, Solution, Proof, End-Benefit.


Sidenote:  This formula is a more detailed version of AIDA. It starts by describing the current situation, the need of the customer, the attention-grabbing feature of the product, the solution provided by the product, the proof that the product works and ends by describing the end-benefit of using the product.


The 4Ps: Product, Price, Place, and Promotion.


Sidenote:  This formula is commonly used in marketing and advertising. It focuses on the four elements that are essential to any marketing strategy: the product or service, the price, the place or distribution channel, and the promotion or advertising strategy.


Keep in mind that these formulas are just a guide, you can always tweak them or adapt them to your specific needs, but they are a great starting point to help you create a great prompt.


A Copywriter on Call


One of the coolest things you can do with ChatGPT-3 is ask it to be an expert.  So below I’m going to give you an example prompt you can use to turn ChatGPT-3 into your own personal copywriter on call 24/7 to create high converting work for you.


Here’s the prompt:


Here’s one more prompt you can use to create a sales conversion/copy consultant that’s ready to help you improve on your existing copy, ads and promotional pieces.


Here’s the prompt:

Remember that the power of ChatGPT lies in the combination of its capabilities and your creativity and imagination.

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