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Is Online Dating Right for You?

Is Online Dating Right for You?

It’s no secret that dating apps have changed the way we socialize and meet people. But finding the right dating app can sometimes be challenging, especially if you’re new to the scene.


Some people just dabble at online dating while others make it an integral part of their lives. Before choosing a dating site on which to place your profile and invest your time and efforts, spend some time checking out a variety.


When you decide to jump into the pool of online dating, it’s best not to limit your options. For example, make it a point to be open to others who don’t exactly tick all your boxes. Limiting yourself can keep you from enjoying your online dating experience.


Be truthful rather than putting out information of what you think people are looking for, but that isn’t really you. You may love long walks on the beach and quiet evenings at home, but give the impression on dating sites that you’re a social, fun-loving partier.


You may put in the time to create a profile that portrays you as a completely different person than you really are. That can result in disappointment when you do meet someone and they find out you’re not at all what you presented.


After selecting a dating app, you’ll be asked to create a profile, preferably with photos. Be sure the profile shots are fun-oriented and relaxed rather than stiff and posed. And please use current photos and not ones that depict you differently than you are now.


Decide how much time you want to devote to dating before signing up. Using a dating app shouldn’t stress you out, but add fun and depth to your social life. And dating can be expensive.


Even if you go to a meet-and-greet event, you’ll need to spend a bit of money on gas or transportation to get there and back and possibly making a small purchase of a drink or appetizer. Plan your events carefully to get the most out of the venue.


At least the dating apps usually offer free memberships. You may want to sign up for several dating sites before deciding on which is a better fit for you. Elite Singles and Match make it easy for you to upload photos and browse through the memberships.


There are also features on most dating sites that let you communicate with others in various ways. For example, you can instant-message, send emoji such as virtual winks to flirt and receive messages from others who may be interested in you.


One major advantage of utilizing online dating sites is that it makes good use of the time you do have for dating. We’re all extremely busy with work, kids, exercise, chores, shopping and taking care of others.


Anything that will make our lives easier and helps us have fun is an added bonus. Many dating sites do much of the work for you that involve matching you with others. You don’t have to agree with their suggestions, but it saves time that you might otherwise use to browse through profiles.


One of your top priorities when signing up to dating apps should be to make your profile as attractive as possible. No one wants the profile to seem that you’re full of yourself and conceited, but the words should set you up as a positive and honest person.


Leave out clichés such as saying you love long walks on the beach and sunsets. That’s boring. Use your wits to think of a real conversation starter that you particularly want another person to know about you.


Use action shots for at least some of your profile photos. If you love hiking have a friend take a photo of you with your backpack strapped on and walking up a trail. That will send a message to others about what activities you enjoy.


Browse through some other profiles on the site for inspiration. Something you see or read might give you fodder to use on your own profile. Show others who you really are. Shun the sunglasses and get some clear shots of what you really look like.


And smile. Most people who peruse dating sites state they’re more attracted to people who have a big grin on their faces than those who try to look sexy and bored. Update your photos regularly.


You may have decided to cut your hair short or dye it another color and your prospective date should know that. Just as your photos should be specific, so should your words.


Don’t just mention that you love to travel. Say where you’ve been and why you like some places more than others. Being specific helps others know who you are and what you like – and don’t like.


Always check your grammar before posting. It’s one of the most important things you can do for your profile so you don’t come across as a person who doesn’t care about the image they project. Use an online spell check program to be sure.


After your profile is written and posted, it’s time to browse the other would-be daters. Be discriminating in your search. For example, think twice before you decide to date someone whose photos are all taken in a bar with drink in hand.


Do they use words to describe themselves that make them seem arrogant or negative? Someone who consistently makes negative comments about their ex, jobs, friends or others they’ve dates should be skipped over like they’re on fire.


A profile that rich with positive viewpoints and outlooks has promise. If s/he mentions kids and family or friends in a good light, it’s probably a good sign. Someone who enjoys animals or has pets is likely to be a kind person.


Don’t provide a great deal of information about yourself at first. Keep it light, but interesting. You can tell them about any deal breakers you might have such as liking cats, but leave out personal things such as weight and income.


While you should be careful about finding someone who ticks most of your boxes, keep an open mind to those who are different from you. It’s surprising how many people who found true love on a dating site say that the person didn’t tick any boxes at all.

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