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First Date Tips

First Date Tips

Should you kiss on the first date? If you really like the person, should you ask for another date? These and other questions can make you nervous and put a damper on a first date that should be fun and carefree.


Dating sites have polled their successful users and came up with a few tips for a first date that can put you at ease and release your nervous mindset to relax and have fun. Be upbeat about the date itself and don’t try to project the date into a permanent relationship.


Rather than the usual dinner date for the first time you meet, try something out of the box. Be creative and come up with something to do that you’ve enjoyed in the past. Just be sure your date will enjoy it too.


As soon as you say yes to a date – or the other person accepts a date from you, begin to mentally prepare for it. Maybe you’ve already chosen a place and time, so now you can think about mental preparations that are just as important.


You could repeat positive affirmations to yourself in the mirror or listen to an upbeat song you like to take the edge off of meeting someone new. Practice your best smile in the mirror along with the perfect posture.


Of course you’ll want to shower and shave before dressing. As you move along to get ready for the date, try to clear your mind rather than focusing on the day at work or other problems you might have.


Think about conversation topics that might be fun and light. You may have already discovered some mutual interests during your online conversations. If so, bring up those subjects. Talk about interesting stuff rather than where you work or where you’re from.


Subjects such as types of entertainment you may both enjoy, hobbies you may have in common, books and other common interests can get the date started off on the right foot.


You should also think twice about bringing up certain topics of conversation. Politics and past relationships are usually taboo conversation topics on the first date.  Religion and money might also backfire and ruin what might have otherwise been a great date.


Decide far in advance of the date how far you want to take relationship at the end of the night. It’s usually best to put off having sex to another date and time rather than the first date.


Let’s face it, some people are simply looking for a one-night stand. If you find yourself in that trap over and over again, trying getting to know the person before you jump into bed with them.


At the end of a good date, make it clear that you want to see the person again. Don’t go overboard, but offer something about liking to see him/her next week if s/he is free. They can always say they’re busy and lightly reject the invitation.


If you feel comfortable about scheduling another date when the first date ends, by all means, do so. Rather than playing games with the dating process, put yourself out there and text them that night or the next day to let them know you’re interested.


Don’t be clingy, but do make it a point to show your interest. Polite interest, rather than talking about your future kids is the best way to show interest without being clingy and scaring someone off.


If there were evident sparks on that first date, it will be easy to make another connection. But perhaps the other person didn’t feel the sparks or just prefers to continue dating others.


It’s no bad reflection on you if that happens. Simply go back to the drawing board and forget about the first date chemistry. If you didn’t feel the sparks, but it’s evident that the other person did, consider a second date to be sure of your non-feelings.


It’s okay if you don’t want to waste another second on dating someone you know isn’t for you, but if you’re not left with strong feelings one way or the other, try a second date to see if you click a bit better.


The first date can be stressful and generate high emotions. It can make you second guess yourself and your appearance, personality and other traits that you thought were assets, but didn’t make an impression on the other person.


Dating apps can be a wonderful way to meet others either for a long-term relationship or simply to make good friends. Consider the possibilities and resolve to have fun on that one and only first date.

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