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How You Can Create Profitable Info-Product Packages In 31 Days

Learn How to Create In-Demand, High-Quality,

High-Priced Package of Reports, Courses, Tools

and Other Resources in One Month

See, here's the thing…

A lot of info-product marketers get stuck creating and selling reports and other low-ticket offers for $5, $7, maybe $10. 

Don't get me wrong - it's awesome if you're already creating and selling these sorts of offers. But you're not going to get rich doing it.

The key to a profitable business is two-fold:

1.    You need to create a sales funnel with a variety of products.

2.    Some of these products need to be high-ticket offers ($97 and up). We're talking a package of reports, courses, tools and other valuable resources.

Only then will you be able to create the sort of thriving, profitable business you've been dreaming about.

Except there's just one problem…

Creating a high-ticket package is a HUGE task. And creating a sales funnel full of products is also a pretty big mountain to climb. That's why a lot of marketers get stuck in a rut selling cheap products that don't grow their business.

Until now…

Just Imagine How Much Money You'd Make if You Knew a

Quick and Easy Shortcut for Creating Profitable Packages

of Products That Sell Like Crazy!

You don't have to imagine it, because you're about to find out exactly how I do it - and how you can too!  All you have to do is find high-quality PLR content and use it to create your unique package of reports, courses, worksheets, checklists, templates and other resources. It's fast, it's easy, and absolutely anyone can do it!

Now, let me back up for a second in case you're not familiar with this concept. PLR stands for "private label rights," and this sort of content licensing gives you nearly free reign with how to use the content. You can modify it any way they please, put your name as the author, sell it, or even give it away.

Why use PLR content?  And why create a package of resources?

Here are Three Great Reasons to Create Your Own Valuable Resource Package Using PLR Content

1. Someone Else Does the Work and You Pocket the Profits

You won't find a quicker, easier way to create products. When you use quality PLR content, someone else does about 90% of the work - and yet YOU get 100% of the profits. This shortcut almost feels like you're cheating!

2. This is an Extremely Profitable Product

You can use this bundle of products as a low-priced, high-value offer to convert prospects to customers FAST.  Or you can tack a big price tag on it and make a lot of money with every. The choice is yours!

3.  Anyone Can Do This

This is the fastest, easiest way I know to create an extremely valuable product fast. You'll love how easy it is to create, and your customers will love the valuable resources you include in your package!

It's pretty easy to see why it's such a good idea to create a valuable package of products out of PLR content, right? Maybe dollar signs are lighting up in your eyes? 

Good. Because you're reading the right page, since I'm about to show you how to go from zero (no content, no ideas) to a profitable bundle of products in just 31 days from now!


This course takes you from where you are today (no site, no content, maybe not even an idea) to getting your first package up and ready to take orders in about a month. Each day you'll get a lesson on how to complete some part of the task, plus you'll get an action step. 

Here's exactly what you'll discover and what you'll be doing each day to go from scratch to creating a profitable package using PLR content:

  • Day 1: Pick a Niche

  • Day 2: Select a Topic

  • Day 3: Decide Exactly What to Create

  • Day 4: Plan a Sales Funnel

  • Day 5: Determine Your Backend Offers

  • Day 6: Find Suitable PLR Content

  • Day 7: Selecting the Best PLR

  • Day 8: Create a Branded Theme

  • Day 9: Naming Your Package and Its Pieces

  • Day 10: Setting Up Your Site

  • Day 11: 6 Ways to Make PLR Content Unique

  • Day 12: Creating Fresh Introductions and Conclusions

  • Day 13: Personalizing Your PLR Content

  • Day 14: Compiling Content to Create Something Unique

  • Day 15: Using PLR Content to Create Useful Too

  • Day 16: Questions to Ask Yourself When Using PLR Excerpts

  • Day 17: 5 Ideas for Creating Multimedia Content From PLR Text Content

  • Day 18: A Simple Way to Add Value to Your PLR

  • Day 19: How to Create an Effective Call to Action

  • Day 20: How to Proof and Polish Your Package 

  • Day 21: Creating a Useful Quick-Start Guide for the Package

  • Day 22: Putting the Finishing Touches on the Package

  • Day 23: Decide What Sort of Bonuses to Include

  • Day 24: Create the Bonus(es)

  • Day 25: Finish and Proof the Bonuses

  • Day 26: Preparing Your Package

  • Day 27: Choosing a Profitable Price

  • Day 28: Create a Sales Letter

  • Day 29: Complete the Site Set Up

  • Day 30: Plan a Marketing Strategy, Part 1 

  • Day 31: Plan a Marketing Strategy, Part 2

If you follow the steps outlined in this guide, you'll be ready to start taking orders in 31 days!




Learn How to Create Profitable Info-Product Packages In 31 Days

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