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Splinter Your Membership

Splinter Your Membership

Splintering your membership site refers to taking a piece of content, separating it from the site, and offering that content as a free or low-cost item to customers. The idea here is to get prospects into your sales funnel and introduce them to your content. If they like the splintered piece of content, then they’ll naturally want to purchase a membership so that they can get the rest of the content too.


For example, let’s suppose your membership includes a new report every week. You can give away one of those reports for free to build your list. Or you can sell one or two of them as a tripwire offer. Either way, the reports naturally lead to the full membership.


Let me share with you two other examples of ways to splinter the content in your membership site:


·         Provide access to one or more of the bonuses that you offer to members. For example, if you offer a free training video to your members, then splinter that video and offer it for free or at a low price to bring people into your sales funnel.


·         Give access to a private support forum that’s included in the membership. People in the group will naturally be talking about the content inside the membership, so your existing customers will help you indirectly promote the full membership.


As mentioned, the reason this strategy works so well is because any content you splinter naturally leads to the membership site. And to make this strategy even more effective, you’ll want to make it abundantly clear that a lot of related content awaits the customer if they become a paid member.


So, in this example, let’s suppose you splintered off a few video modules and packaged them to create a tripwire offer. When your new customer goes into your membership site to collect what they just purchased – or any other time they log in – they’ll see a promo encouraging them to purchase a full membership.


Naturally, you’ll also want to be sure to embed these promos directly inside that you’re splintering. For example, if you’re selling that package of video modules, then you may tack on an ending to the module that spends a few minutes sharing the benefits of purchasing a membership. And any text materials you include in the package should likewise include links and calls to action for the full membership.

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