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Different Strokes for Different Folks!

Different Strokes for Different Folks!

Offer Different Content Formats


People prefer to learn using different methods. Some people like to read content, some people like to listen to it, some people like to watch a video, and some people learn best when they jump in and get hands-on experience.


So, what does this mean to you as a membership site owner? Simple – you need to present your content in multiple formats in order to attract as wide of an audience as possible. Not only does this help people who have different learning styles, it also accommodates those who may have disabilities.


For example, let’s suppose your primary content comes in the form of a multimodule video course. You can then also offer the transcripts for those who’d rather read the content. You can also offer the plain audio for those who’d prefer to listen. And then you can include a hands-on component for those who do best learning by taking action.


What kind of hands-on component? You can offer a variety of tools and resources to help people take action. These tools may include items such as:


·         Apps or software.

·         Checklists.

·         Worksheets.

·         Templates.

·         Swipes.

·         A planner or calendar.


And similar materials.


For example, if you’re teaching people how to write better sales copy, there are a variety of hands-on tools you can offer such as:


·         Templates. These may include full templates, such as a sales letter template, as well as partial templates (such as headline templates, guarantee templates, postscript templates and so on).


·         A swipe file full of headlines, openers, postscripts, calls to action and more.


·         A worksheet to help the student profile their audience.


·         A worksheet to help the student uncover all the features and benefits of the product.


·         A worksheet to help the student construct an offer.


·         A sales letter checklist.


·         An app that helps people create their sales letter.


And similar tools.


Note: In addition to these sorts of materials helping you to widen your potential audience, these materials also add a lot of value to your site. Or to put it another way, including content in multiple formats gives you the ability to charge a premium for your membership site.


Translate Your Content


There’s a good chance that you’re creating a membership site where all the content is written in English. While that’s a good thing, keep in mind that there is a large number of people out in the world who don’t know any English at all. And there are a very large number who may know enough English to get by, but they don’t have a firm enough grasp on it to join a membership site where all the training and content are presented in English.


The solution here is pretty clear: you need to translate your content into other languages. This includes your sales page and other promo materials as well.


Which languages? Well, that depends on your audience, of course. You’ll need to do your market research to determine what languages your audience speaks. Generally, you can figure on having Spanish and English versions, and beyond that you’ll need to decide based on your research.


As for your content itself, you’ll need to get some help with the translations if you don’t speak the language you’re translating to. You can hire a freelancer to do these translations. And if you’re doing videos, then you may have a native speaker do the voice-overs for your videos.


NOTE: When it comes to translating your sales letter and other promo materials, it’s better to hire a copywriter who speaks the language. Translating sales materials can make some of the content ineffective, so it’s better to have a skilled copywriter create the materials. Naturally, they can use your existing materials to help them write it, but they probably won’t directly translate the materials word-for-word.

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