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Your Resell Digital Content Options

Your Resell Digital Content Options

Private Label Rights – Head of the Pack


If you've been Internet marketing for long, you've come across the term private label rights or PLR.  What is PLR and how does it differ from other licenses like master resale rights?  And why should you care about the differences?


When we refer to PLR, what is meant is the product, which could be something as simple as a pack of articles or as complex as a complete marketing package with eBooks and audio recordings, has a license granting the new owner the right to use the content as he or she sees fit. 


Someone else has done the writing (or recording), and possibly had a nice website template put together with sales letter and graphics. Then, rather than trying to market it themselves, make it available for sale to many others.


Some PLR sites are membership based, meaning the number of buyers is limited. Others have no membership. You might get a lot more content with a membership, but some of it may not be the niche you're looking for. With a no-membership PLR site, you pick and choose what niche topics you're going to buy so that none of it ends up gathering dust on your hard drive.


With PLR, you're given a license that tells specifically what you can and can't do with the package.  The best PLR are those that have an unconditional license that basically allows the new owner to use and redo the product any way they like.  You can add your own name, add and delete sections, even sell it on to others with a price that you determine. It's as if you're the original author without all of the work of authoring. 


Unconditional PLR may have only one proviso - and that is that you can't turn around and resell it as PLR to others. It pays to shop around for PLR.  Pay attention to the wording in the license and if you don't want to agree to the terms, don't buy it. 


Also, before buying, if you can get a snippet of the text, Google it (in quotes) to see how many times it's been used on the 'net.  This way you can get an idea of how many others have purchased the same package.


True unconditional PLR is a money and time saver.  For $50 to $200 you get top-quality, well-designed content that you would otherwise spend many countless hours producing by yourself or paying through the nose for a freelancer to do something similar.  If your time and money is precious, PLR can be the answer you are looking for.



PLR Versus Master Resell Rights


The Internet is an information marketplace and marketers are always looking for fast ways to get information to their demographic.  So grabbing some PLR (private label rights) or master resell rights (MRR) content can be a good choice.  But what are the differences between these two forms of content and which one should you invest in?


It depends on what your purpose is. If you want to sell an eBook that you can allow customers to then sell themselves, like a chain reaction, then MRR may be what you want. 


But if you want to take authorship and you want to add your affiliate links to it and basically "make it yours," then you'll want to get a product with a PLR license. MRR often doesn't allow you to alter the product in any way - just sell it.


The difference between PLR and MRR is that with PLR you get the .doc files to edit and add your links to.  You can take your PLR eBook and break it into articles and PLR articles and build it into eBooks - each page being a chapter or section.


With MRR, you may be able to use your name for the author - but that's where the license stops. You are also usually limited as to how much you can sell the eBook for, too - the owner setting minimum and maximum price points for you.


It really matters what you want to do with it.  If you want to put the eBook out there to go viral and get some traffic to your own niche site, then PLR is your better option.  Although there are ways to rebrand MRR products with your name and links, you are still limited as to how you can distribute it. 


If you want to give a nice bonus to your list, getting a good re-branded Master Resell Rights product is a simple and inexpensive way to promote your business.  Just make sure that the MRR license allows giving it away as a bonus.


But the best choice for freedom to do what you want is to get PLR.  Without a doubt, it is the easiest way to get content for articles, eBooks, websites and more.  Someone else wrote it - but you can claim it for your own and that's about as good as it gets. The main difference with PLR and MRR is price.  PLR is often cheaper than MRR.



eBook Resale Rights


A very popular and simple way to get your Internet marketing business started is to offer eBook resale rights for your niche.  When we're talking about resale rights, we're speaking strictly about a product that you may use as a bonus with your niche product or resell to your customers.


Of all of the reselling options, simple resell rights are the most restrictive - but that isn't a bad thing.  Maybe you only want to offer some nice digital books or audio as a gift to your customer to help increase the perceived value of your total offer. 


Resale rights products can enhance your package, if not overdone.  Some marketers limit their bonuses to three - others pile on dozens.  It really depends on the niche you're catering to.  As with anything in this business, test to see what works for your customer base.


There's a stigma attached to resale rights products and that is that they're cheap and over used - and sometimes they are.  You'll want to shop around to find something worth adding to your package.  Customers are getting wise to the "pile o bonuses" which are nothing but worn out resale rights products.  Try to find newer or fresher content by shopping around.


The next step up from strict resale rights is master resale rights.  These give you a bit more latitude in that you can change the author name and then sell it on as a resale rights product. 


All licenses vary from product to product.  There is really no hard and fast rule as to what master resale rights licenses entail.  Some are very liberal and can almost be considered private label rights while others are very limited.


Any discussion of resale rights products should include how you can create and sell or give away your own resale rights product.  Since you have control of the content, you can add links to your report, turn it into a PDF and offer it as a resale rights product. 


If it's good quality content, this can get viral, meaning that others will take your eBook and resell it (with all your links intact) all over the Internet. In this case, make sure your product is over the top content.  Treat it like a full paid report and let everyone and their brother pass it on.  This can be a nice little income stream as well as a traffic generator for you.



PLR Products Are Multi-Media


When we think of PLR we mostly think of articles and eBooks, right?  But now there are sites devoted to selling all kinds of PLR - including (but not limited to) the written word.  Now you can find anything that can be digitally delivered that comes with private label rights. 


You can find good quality audio and video.  Even software is becoming more and more popular in the PLR arena. Imagine if you're in the health niche and you come across an entire private label rights e-course - complete with lessons of complementary audio and video tutorials for under $20.  You could take that e-course, repackage it as an eBook and promote the audio as a $35 bonus.  Let your imagination run with that one.


Video is the major media for communication and is always a favorite, so it makes sense to use it in your business as much and as often as you can work it in.  Here is where video PLR would fill a need.  So, for the technically challenged, Google your "niche + PLR video" and see what's out there.


Or maybe you want to add a cool bit of software to your niche package to give it more value.  There is PLR software for all kinds of applications and appropriate for many different niches. 


While software carries its own troubles, like customer support if the software doesn't behave for your users, it can skyrocket your perceived value if you can manage to make it work in your niche. 


But don't limit the use of the software to selling it or adding it as a bonus.  There are all kinds of calculators or other interactive tools you could add to your website to make your customer experience more enjoyable while onsite.


You can take some of this software and if you're not a computer geek, head over to the Warrior forum or Digital Point forum and ask if someone there can help you rework the software to make it do what you want.  The PLR just gave you a place to start from and that's often where many of the best ideas begin - on top of a basic one.


As you can see, PLR comes in any medium that's easy to download on the Internet.  All it would take is for you to dig for the gold and then refine it to fit your personal style and your niche site. The possibilities of multi-media PLR content are endless to the creative Internet entrepreneur.



How Valuable Is Free PLR?


How valuable can free PLR be if it doesn't cost a cent to own it?  At first glance, free always sounds tempting.  Who hasn't taken a free sample of snacks at the grocery store or Sam's Club when they're giving them out, right?  But admittedly, there are times when free is good and there are times when free takes more work than it's worth.


First of all, you might ask yourself why it's free.  Some sites give away free PLR just to get you to join their list - sort of like the grocery store analogy above.  These marketers want you to see the quality of their work, so you get a sample to try out. 


That's fair enough - but you can expect that they will ask for your name and email on an opt in form so they can continue to sell you on their main niche.  That's just good business. Some people consider that a "cost" associated with free PLR, however.


Be wary of "free" anything: articles, eBooks or reports, audio, or even some simple software.  There is a cost somewhere - even if it is just giving your name and email address. 


More often than not, while you don't pay cash for it - you may end up spending your precious time rewriting a dull or poorly written article or eBook (and we all know your time isn't free).


Still, if you do have more time than money, even a free article pack that is okay can be quickly fixed up and used.  Also, you can get some good ideas from the articles, which you can spin off into something original. 


In that sense, it won't hurt to take a look at some of it if nothing else but to see if you can makeover an article pack and redo it into an eBook or vice versa - turn an eBook into several articles.  All you expended was your time. 


Just don't let yourself get bogged down in it.  You may end up spending more time rewriting than it would take to have written it from scratch in the first place!  And as the saying goes: time is money.


A good rule of thumb is to limit your time - even go so far as to use an egg timer - when you attempt a rewrite.  That way you aren't hacking away at something for an hour that might have originally taken 30 minutes for you to write in the first place.


So where do you find free PLR?  It's as simple as Googling "your niche + free PLR" or just "free PLR" and see what's out there.  You will likely have to do some weeding so you see what's worth your investment of time.  But once in a while you can find some very good stuff that will do the trick just fine.

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