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Getting the Most Bang from Your PLR

Getting the Most Bang from Your PLR

Find a PLR Package That Over-Delivers


On the top of any Internet marketer's wish list is the perfect information product, all shiny and "ready to drive off the lot fully loaded," like a quality written PLR eBook with all the trimmings such as graphics, articles and autoresponders. 


Does this seem like a dream?   Actually, there are some great PLR packages out there, but you have to look around and do some detective work.  You might start your search in the Warrior Forum and look in the classifieds section or even ask who has this kind of offer.


While you will have to poke around and maybe even get on a waiting list, there are PLR membership websites that offer very nice PLR packages that are like a one stop shop.  Some membership sites will even take suggestions from members for topics that haven't been covered yet. 


What does a perfect PLR package look like?  First off, you will look for one that is in a hot, evergreen niche like one that has to do with health, weight loss, relationships, hobbies and sports and the ever popular, "how to make money" and Internet marketing niches. 


For the actual PLR package, it's great to get a 30+ page eBook which has basic formatting and a cover graphic, a smaller report to offer as a freebie on the squeeze page, a nice-looking sales page with header graphics, 10+ article pack for use on blog or as auto responder follow ups, and a nice-looking squeeze page template.


What can you expect to pay for such an over-the-top product?  Let's first see how much you would expect to pay if you hired someone to do it for you.  If you had to pay a ghostwriter you can expect to put out $10 to $30 a page for the eBooks and articles.  That's $500 and up.  The graphics for the cover and header for the sales page goes for $500 or so. 


The sales letter would go for a minimum of $1,000 for a decent one.  All totaled, that's $2,000 for a one-of-a-kind product on a budget.  You could easily pay 10 times that for top billed writers and designers.


If you come across a site that you pay $199 a month for the PLR kit, then you're doing very well.  Even though there may be 200 licenses being sold, statistically only 20 will ever be used. 



How to Make Money With PLR


The quickest way to get top quality products ready for sale is to use PLR or private label rights articles, reports, audio and video.  The Internet is a fast-moving place with new sites starting up every second. 


The trick for the online businessperson is to get a product ready for the market and start generating traffic as quickly as possible.  With PLR, you could conceivably have a product ready to go in less than a week, if you're fast. Really, since PLR is licensed to you to do what you wish with it, the options for making money are endless.  Here are just a few ideas to get you started:


You can buy articles and rewrite them slightly and then package them together and turn them into a small report or eBook.  Just use the article titles as the chapter headings, add a table of contents and a cover with graphics and you're good to go!


You can take a PLR eBook and break it down into articles for your blog, articles to submit to Ezines, or wherever else you use articles to promote your business.  Instant article marketing content!


If you have the knowledge on how to use the technology, you can quickly make an article into a video using PowerPoint and Camtasia.  Make sure each sentence is on its own line.  Then import the article into PowerPoint.  This puts each sentence on its own slide. Then add images to the slides if you want and finally, record yourself reading the slides for an instant viral video.


What can you do with PLR audio?  Here is a simple way to make a video.  Listen to the recording and take good notes, typing them into a text editor - one sentence per line or paragraph. 


Then you can import these notes into PowerPoint, which puts each sentence on a separate slide.  Sync the audio with the text slides and it makes a nice video.  All you have to do is add an intro slide and watermark your domain name and you're good to go.


Of course, you can just take the PLR as is, if it's really good.  It's always suggested that you take the time to make it truly your own by having new graphics made.  Even with PLR, you need to take the time to make it unique. Just a simple change in graphics and a bit of reformatting will do the trick.  Now it's all your own!



How to Maximize Your Use of PLR


Private label rights content can be nearly as good as hiring someone to write for you if you know how to use it right.  Getting good PLR in the first place is probably the best advice.  There is nothing more aggravating than having to spend more time rewriting bad PLR than writing it from scratch yourself.


But in any case, even when the PLR is good, always plan to rewrite it somewhat.  Changing the title around (keeping your keywords intact), modifying the section titles, and adding an introductory paragraph or page are the minimal changes.


It's easy to get carried away rewriting, so try to limit yourself if you're pressed for time.  If the article is good enough, then let it be.  The key to a good article is an attention getting title with the keyword in it, followed by an interesting introductory paragraph.  So spend more time here than you would in the rest of the article.


The same goes for an eBook - make an introduction that lays the ground work for the rest of the report.  Spend time on the reason why they need the information in the report and then touch up the headlines and sub-headlines as needed.  Unless you feel compelled to fill in the rest of the eBook, try to have a "good enough is good enough" attitude for the shortest path to success.


Don't forget that just because the PLR is in eBook format, it doesn't mean it can't be sliced up into an e-course or smaller articles that you can add to your blog and submit to the ezine directories - or used fill up your autoresponder weeks ahead of time.


Never underestimate the power of articles that are sprinkled all over the Internet creating backlinks to your site.  PLR just makes it easier for you to come up with those articles.  The more articles you have out there, the more your name will get in front of the eyes of the people who you are trying to reach you become an authority in your field.


A newer way to use PLR articles is to convert them into a slideshow made with Microsoft PowerPoint that is recorded as you read it.  Done properly, you can have a really nice video to promote your site from YouTube or other video sharing sites.


Because video is a popular mode of communication, you should take any way you can to get it out in front of your target audience.  PLR articles converted to video as well as already made PLR videos that you buy are a quicker way to get that kind of media out there.


With PLR, you can put together an original package that pulls together different pieces from various sources and you can bundle up a premium information product in a fraction of the time you'd put into it if you made it from scratch since someone else did most of the writing, recording and research.  Learn to think outside the box with your PLR content.  It's yours to do with as you please, so become skilled at ways you can use it effectively in your business.



PLR Website Content


If you're in a hurry and need to put some good content on your website or blog, you might find PLR website content to be the perfect recipe for your success.  Since the real trick to success in any business is often who gets there first, putting up good content on your site as quickly as possible makes sense - but not just any content and not just any PLR, either.


It pays to shop around and find the best quality for the price.  You want to review the quality of the PLR before you buy it - whether it costs $1 per article or $5 per article. If the quality is useless, it will be a waste either way.


Your website is your business and is an asset.  You don't want to portray "cheap" and some PLR can actually hurt your reputation. The solution is to ask around where other people buy their PLR.  Internet marketing forums like the Warrior Forum are full of men and women who will tell you what's worth it and what's not.  And you don't have to buy from just one PLR site, either.


While you're thinking about putting content on your website, don't forget that there are forms of PLR other than articles and eBooks.  There are some nice audio and even video PLR packs out there which you can use to add real value to your site.


A quick mention here, too, about software that comes with private label rights.  While software usually has some customer service issues (like ease of use to the end user, unforeseen glitches and such), you can really add value to your site if you can find software that helps make the customer experience more enjoyable.  For examples: an interest calculator on a financial website or a calorie calculator on a weight loss site.


Anytime you use PLR for your own site, you'll want to modify the text somewhat.  It may be out of date and needs freshening up, but even if it's brand new, it helps to have unique content on the web. 


You may want to add your personal touch to it by adding a paragraph or switching out words or phrases to make it "you."  Since PLR has been offered to hundreds, if not thousands of others, take the time to personalize it.


For audio and video, make sure you to listen or view it.  On the audio, add an introduction and ending call to action if it's appropriate.  For the videos, you can do some editing to add an intro, text frames, and a watermark with your domain name to the video and a call-to-action slide at the end.



The Benefits of a PLR Membership


Smart marketers that are on a budget know that one of the best ways to get top quality articles, eBooks, audios and more on a monthly basis go with a PLR membership site.  The advantages of ready to go PLR delivered to your email or downloaded from a membership site each month are many.


In the business of Internet Marketing, there are many tasks that must be mastered, or at the very least outsourced, and writing is one of them.  Maybe you don't like writing or suffer from a lack confidence with your writing skills.  Or maybe you know how to write, but feel your time would be better spent doing other tasks.  So you turn to PLR content.


The problem with PLR in general, is that you can't count on the quality from provider to provider.  Yes, you could do a Google search of your "niche term + PLR" and find plenty of offerings.  Chances are, though, that you'll have to rewrite it because it's either poorly written or way out dated - which is why it's so cheap.


On the other end of the spectrum, you could hire a ghostwriter or freelancer at $30+ a page and that's great if you have the budget.  But for most marketers who are starting out on a budget but still want quality what is there for them?


Enter the PLR membership site. PLR membership sites have several distinct advantages, one being the fact that they limit the licenses sold, such as only 200 members are issued licenses.  That keeps the value high.  While some might say that 200 licenses are still too many, the fact is that only 10% of the actual products are being used.  The actual competition is more like 20 versions, most of which are being changed enough to avoid duplication.


Another distinct advantage is that the owners of the membership site go all out putting together high value product for their members.  A package will typically include at least one 30+ page report, a 5–7-page shorter viral report, a pack of articles, and a well written sales letter with nice graphics. 


Finally, a PLR membership is perfect for the infopreneur who likes to crank out a niche site complete with all of the promotional materials in a matter of a few days.  The name of the game in Internet Marketing is speed of implementation.  With a new PLR pack ready to go, you can have a brand-new product available on the market every month.


The cost of the PLR membership can range from $27 a month all the way up to $199 per month.  But if you break it down, you can't beat the value.  The best PLR memberships offer at least one well researched eBook ($400), a sales letter with quality graphics ($400+), and a pack of articles to use on your auto responder, blog or to do article marketing ($200).  So for the monthly fee, you get $1,000+ worth of well written, ready to go info products, which can potentially make you thousands of dollars.  It's a no-brainer.


The only disadvantage with PLR membership sites is that they're hard to come by.  If you can find a place on a good PLR membership site, grab your spot, because the best sites are always full and only taking names for a standby list.

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