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How to Choose A Niche

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You hear a lot of people in Internet marketing talk about the importance of choosing a good niche. That, they say, is the real secret of earning money online. If you can find a hungry market and deliver something they’ll be willing to pay for, you can strike it rich.


But, how do you find those lucrative niches in the first place? If it were really that easy, surely we’d all be Internet millionaires, right?


There are clearly some niches that are bound to be lucrative and others that are clearly not bound to be lucrative. What’s the difference and how do you know which is which? We’ll go into that throughout this series, but first it’s important to understand that just because a niche is profitable for another person or company doesn’t mean it will also be profitable for you… at least, not right away.


Think about niches like weight loss. We all know that people spend obscene amounts of money trying to lose weight each year. Should you enter the weight loss niche? It’s going to be pretty hard for you to stand out if you do. I’m not telling you to stay away from niches like that either. I’ll show you exactly how you can enter a massive niche like “weight loss’ and still come out a winner. As a hint, the more targeted you are, the better.

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