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30 WordPress Tips

1.    Set a regular schedule for updating both your WordPress version and your plugins. Check these at least once weekly!

2.    Use key plug-ins like Akismet, All-In-One SEO Pack and WP Security - but don't overload your blog with plug-ins.

3.    Need to set up a particular page type or service on your WP blog? Check to see if a plug-in will do the trick!

4.    Do use tags (keywords) with every post - but no more than five tags, maximum, for effective SEO.

5.    Once you've installed the All-In-One SEO Pack plug-in, be sure you fill in the optimization fields for each post.

50 Tips for Finding Your Blog Niche, Voice and USP

Jumping into a blog niche without first doing a little research and planning could mean disaster. Not having your own unique voice and a unique selling proposition (USP) can mean your blog will stay hidden from the masses.

1.    When choosing a blog topic, pick something narrow in a broader niche.  Don't try to be everything to everyone in a niche.

2.    When choosing a blog niche, ask yourself what you can teach or share with people to help them grow, learn and improve somehow.

3.    Be the original. Don't copy someone else's voice or style when writing blog posts.

Blogging For Business Tips

1.    When you slam the car door on your finger, don't cry. Say "WOW, I can use this in a blog post!"

2.    End your posts by asking your reader to take an action - comment, answer a question, click, find out more.

3.    The first step to making people want to read what you write: Triggering their emotions.

4.    When you blog, what do you most love writing about? (Why?)

5.    Write posts that are evergreen as well as posts that are topical and "hot".

31 Tips For Getting Traffic To Your BLOG or Website

1.    SEO takes time, so if you want to boost your web traffic, go for guest blogging: Be a guest - and find good guests yourself.

2.    If you want your web traffic to grow, actively post updates on a regular basis.

3.    To grow traffic, know your target visitor's search terms and pain points. Write about the latter using the former, offering solutions.

4.    Make tracking easy on yourself: Use quick tracking suites and apps like and FB Insights.

5.    Claim Google+ Authorship to increase your Google web ranking and authority status. Google trust breeds traffic.

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